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Watch for Naked Jeeps on May 19th, 2018 as it's All Things Jeep's Worldwide Go Topless Day®!

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Tue, May 15, 2018 @ 12:11 PM

All Things Jeep's Worldwide Go Topless Day® 2018May 19th, 2018 marks the 11th Anniversary of All Things Jeep's Worldwide Go Topless Day® and celebrations are scheduled around the world! We started this as a local event in our sleepy little town in Central Massachusetts and it's turned into the biggest celebration of Jeep ownership in the world! Back in May of 2008 we had just finished a particularly brutal New England winter and we wanted to celebrate the beginning of warm weather and the beginning of topless weather for us Jeepers. So we created an event. We had about 65 Jeeps show up at the meet-up we created at a farm stand in Lancaster, MA. And some of our customers in other parts of the country heard about it and wanted to also host events. So they did. But Jeepers are an enthusiastic bunch. By the following year, our local event had a DJ, an ice cream vendor, off-road trails, a few RTI ramps and vendor giveaways. I bet some of you reading this were there! 

GTD18 Photo Contest Entry20

The next year it grew. Jeep clubs, dealerships and groups wanted to participate also. We said, "Absolutely", and the number of hosted events grew. We created Go Topless Day® apparel, made GTD stickers that we gave away for free, and year by year, more Jeep communities began participating. We launched a "Getting Ready for Go Topless Day®" Photo Contest and gave away some fun prizes. (Photos here are compliments of our entries this year!) We had events planned on multiple continents. Jeepers had fun and have turned the day into a day of raising money for charities. Which brings me to this year....

This year we currently have over 130 Go Topless Day® events scheduled across the country and across the world. This year you'll find events like Jeep'n Alaska's Go Topless Day® 2018 event in Wasilla, AK and Big Island Jeep Club's first Go Topless Day® event in Kailui-Kona, HI and almost every state in between. There's GTD18 events in Australia, Columbia, Canada and South Africa. 

One of the largest and most fun Go Topless Day® events is our flagship event in Monson, MA that we co-host with Ocean State Jeepers. It's grown into an event with almost 1000 Jeeps and over 3000 Jeepers. Folks show up to do the trail rides, shop the vendor midway, enter raffles for some great prizes, hang out with other Jeepers, and, of course, to admire almost 1000 Jeeps. Jeep Beach Jam in Panama City Beach, FL will be aiming to make a Guinness World Record with the most topless Jeeps in one place. The great thing about Go Topless Day® Jeep events is that they can be anything! Our goal has always been to simply celebrate the fun and adventure that comes along with owning a Jeep.'s Go Topless Day 2018 Photo Contest

This year there are poker runs, beach cleanups, drive-in movie nights, coastal cruises, Show & Shines, picnics, events at Jeep dealerships, in the woods, on the beaches and in the parks. 

The complete list of All Things Jeep's Go Topless Day® 2018 registered events is here. No matter where you are or what kind of Jeep you drive, we hope you'll take some time on May 19th, 2018 to join in the Go Topless Day® spirit, and get behind the wheel of your Jeep, crank up some tunes and enjoy the ride. It's a Jeep thing and we DEFINITELY understand! 

GTD18 Photo Contest Entry18GTD18 Photo Contest Entry1


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Woman Wanted to Co-Pilot Jeep Custom Tire Cover Goes Viral

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Wed, Jan 03, 2018 @ 02:00 PM

We make Custom Tire Covers for your Jeep. We make a LOT of them. But on December 12, 2017 we made a post on our All Things Jeep Facebook page that showed a custom tire cover the we definitely did NOT make. Here's the photo we posted. 

Seeking semi-rugged woman to co-pilot Jeep.jpg

And here's what we wrote: "Truth be told, we didn't make this custom tire cover for this guy. (But we applaud his initiative and would love to know the outcome.) But we DO make custom tire covers so if you have your own photo or story you want the world to see on the back of your Jeep, we can do it for you. 
Details here:"

A week or two later we got an email from a gentleman named Greg. This was Greg's Jeep and Greg's ingenious strategy to acquire a girlfriend. We traded emails a bit and we asked him if we could post his story. He agreed and here it is. We love his creativity! 

Greg wrote,

"Hi Jean,

Here's the story!

So I was single and trying to figure out how to meet women without having to resort to internet dating.  I'm not into sports due to life long knee issues, and not a bar fly.  

I thought a guy in his Late 40's should be able to find a woman without involving the world wide web.

Late March 2016 I was stopped at an intersection behind a fellow Jeep Wrangler.  It had a tire cover that read "Life is good".  It was at that moment, those short few minutes would change my life for ever!

In those short few minutes I put together a few key words.

Words like "rugged" and "middle aged"  and "co-pilot".

I thought about my brilliant scheme for about a week.

So many factors...

I needed a canvas.

I'd have to use my phone number. 

My sense of humour pushed me forward, as I never leave home without it!

I figured I could use a "flying saucer" type toboggan.  Its a round sled, it has handles and would be easy to bungy cord to my spare tire.  I could then write my message on it with a permanent marker.  

The winter season was coming to a close and I needed to act fast.  I  had  two options... $5 or $30. The five dollar model didn't seem big enough and I didn't want to spend thirty bucks.  In the end I decided that my brilliant scheme was worth the thirty dollars, and I had my canvas.

The wording had to be catchy!

I wanted to use the word "RUGGED" and "middle aged" and "seeking".  I needed my message to be clear.  I only had so much space to work with.

I looked up the dictionary definition of rugged, it's NOT good.  Lol😃  

That's how "semi-rugged" came to be.  "Middle aged" took up too much space,  that's how 

"Mid-aged" came to be.  

I needed to specify gender, "female" would be just fine.

Sign development was under way.   I had a friend draw up the first sign (the one you posted on Facebook).  

It read :


I put the sign on my jeep and the reaction from other motorists was astounding.

Almost every time I looked in the rear view, the people behind me were taking pictures.  They were honking, waving, laughing, giving me the thumbs up etc.

What a riot!

About three days in, my phone rang, I said hello and this guy said "Hey, I'm calling you from Wisconsin and just so you know, your phone number is plastered all over the internet",

to which I responded "holy s**t"!  

Someone had taken a pic in Kingston, Ontario where I lived at the time and posted it on Facebook.  I wasn't even on Facebook at that time, but my friends and family were.  The crazy sign (brilliant idea) went viral with 15 000 ish views.  I received over 100 texts mostly people just checking to see if it was real.  99.9% of the texts were from the USA.  

One day I walked past the sign and brushed it with me sleeve.

Some of the permanent marker rubbed off.  It was at that moment I realized I had created a "white board" sign for my jeep.  Again I was basking in my brilliance...

I decided to change it up!


seeking tire cover.jpg

Yes it's real, LMAO😃😃😃

The texts were still pouring in.

I only received one email, not compatible.  She wanted a running partner.  With bad knees and a jeep, I'm not running five feet!

The first sign was on for about ten days.  Number two, about a week.  Then there was number three.   I figured I needed to "Dumb it down for CANADA", 

so I changed it up:

"WOMAN WANTED TO CO-PILOT JEEP"  with my number.

seeking tire cover2.jpg

Number three was on roughly ten days.  I was changing it up again and decided to give it a rest.  Every now and then I'm reminded that its still out there because someone posts it again and the messages start flowing in.

To make a really long story end,

I've made many many friends because of the sign...

Mostly American Lol!

What changed my life for ever are the friendships I've gained.

99.9% of them have their own jeep and have no desire to co-pilot.  My friend Terri (American), saw your post and contacted me.

In the end I found my SEMI-RUGGED MID-AGED FEMALE TO CO-PILOT JEEP and my life through internet dating...



Greg, we really love your story and appreciate you taking the time to write it. Best of luck to you!!! And, of course, if you have a story to tell on the back of your Jeep and you want some assistance with design or producing it, we will help you! We can't guarantee a girlfriend, but we can guarantee a great looking tire cover. Check out samples here: Jeep Custom Tire Covers by

Tags: custom tire covers, funny jeep stories, jeep romance, jeep tire covers’s Top 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Jeep Owners for 2017

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Wed, Nov 29, 2017 @ 02:09 PM

There are those of us who love our car. And then there are those of us who love our Jeep. As the saying goes,  “It’s a Jeep thing… You wouldn’t understand.” But this holiday season, even if you don’t understand, you can “fake it” with the 2017 Jeep Gift Buyers Guide for the Holidays from All Things Jeep. For the 15th year in a row, the company has compiled a list of this year’s 10 most unique Jeep gift ideas. If you can’t afford to put a new 2018 Jeep under the tree, you can put any one of these items there and still make your Jeep fan very happy.

THE TOP 10 HOLIDAY GIFTS for New Jeep Owners

1. Jeep Cookie Cutters for the Jeep enthusiast  – What better gift for your favorite “Jeeper” than a plate of yummy Jeep – inspired cookies. These cookie cutters make both a front view and a side view of our favorite vehicle. The decoration is up to you! ($12.99)


2. Our EXCLUSIVE Life is Good "Native Offroad" Tee-Shirt Our best-selling Jeep shirt during the first decade of business has been reprinted and we are thrilled to offer our EXCLUSIVE Life is Good "Native Offroad" Tee-Shirt on a soft, dark blue shirt. This is definitely one of the first Jeep tees a new Jeeper should own. The message is simple. Life is good! Exclusively available here. $25.99 

lif11119 (1).jpg

3. Jeep Rated Shot Glass-Set of 4 –The Jeep Rated Shot Glass Set includes four "rated" Jeeps you can assign to your friends. Trail Rated for the tough custom Jeep, Mud Rated for the Jeep that bathes in mud, Beach Rated for the sand dune and ocean lover, and Mall Rated for the newbie stock Jeep. These aluminum shot glasses easily stack making them perfect to bring on your next camping trip! $19.99 


4. NEW!  Jeep Don't Follow Me Laser Cut Silhouette Jeep Sign – Our newest sign says, “Don't Follow Me You Won’t Make It” and is a Laser Cut Silhouette Sign that will look good against any backdrop. This sign is 14" x 14" 18g steel and has eyelets for easy hanging. $24.99 



5. Jeep 2018 Wall Calendars  - Count down the days to the next trail run or Jeep meetup with a Jeep calendar for your wall. It sure beats the one you get from the oil company every year. And it features some great looking Jeeps for inspiration. Starting at $14.99. 



6. Jeep Beanie Knit Hat for Winter  - No matter what color you choose, we think you’ll be the most stylish dresser out there with the Jeep Knit Beanie. The knit hat featuring a Jeep logo is a great stocking stuffer. $14.99. 


7. Jeep Gift Sets– We are making it easy for you to shop for your favorite Jeeper and have created a bunch of Jeep Gift Sets that bundle together a fun selection of products. We got them a Jeep Jewelry Gift Set, an Outdoor Winter Set, Jeep Pajama Bundles, a Jeep Dog Gift Set, and others. Starting at $34.99 


8. Jeep Hammerhead Shark Tire Cover – We have over 100 different tire cover designs for your Jeep and this one is an Exclusive that is really unique. Show your individuality with a tire cover that sets your Jeep apart from the rest. ($99.99) 



9. Holiday cards for Jeep lovers – Purchase these early enough and share the Jeep spirit with everyone you know. We have 4 new designs this year, all original artwork designed by our in-house graphic designer, Sam. There’s something magical about these cards. ($15.99/set) 


10. Choose from over 200 Jeep-licensed apparel items including t-shirts, sweatshirts, & jackets for men, women, children & babies. No, this isn’t just one item. But with so many new Jeep apparel items, it was hard to choose our best pick. We’ll leave this one for you. ($10 and up) 


About All Things Jeep

All Things Jeep is one of the largest providers of Jeep apparel, gifts, accessories and memorabilia to the Jeep® and off-road market. Through outstanding service, product variety and quality, All Things Jeep delights Jeep® owners with items that enhance their adventurous lifestyles. Visit for the perfect gift for Jeep® lovers including clothing, decals, jewelry, signs, tire covers, floor mats, seat covers, soft tops and more. 

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No Jeep Left Behind: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Jeepers

Posted by Sara Ramani on Thu, Feb 09, 2017 @ 11:55 AM


To some, Valentine’s Day is all hearts and flowers and candy. To others, Valentine’s Day includes stressful last minute planning, dinner reservations, and sweating over whether or not their date will have a good time. For Jeepers, Valentine’s Day might mean giving your undivided attention to someone other than their Jeep. Yawn. Let’s be honest, that doesn’t sound too appealing to a Jeeper. Luckily, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day dates you can enjoy, Jeep included. To simplify the stress of planning, we’ve compiled a list of Jeep date ideas you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been married many wonderful years. Another added benefit, these dates don’t cost an arm and a leg, in fact they are completely free!

Warm Weather Jeep Dates:

Drive-in Movie: Turn your Jeep into a time machine and bring your date to a drive in movie. Drive-in theaters are few and far between nowadays, but we all have the technology to create our own private little drive-ins. Pick a movie, any movie, maybe even some Romantic Comedy your date has been pestering you to watch. Grab your laptop, tablet, even your cell phone will do, drive your date out to a quiet scenic location to minimize distractions. Simply place your movie-watching device on the dashboard, snuggle up, and enjoy the show!

Star Gazing: Load up the Jeep with some sleeping bags and blankets and drive out to a little clearing in the woods, a hill that overlooks your town, or any place that you can get a good view of the sky. Maybe grab some take-out on the way, or other things that may help set the mood. Once you’re there, park, get cozy and watch the sun set and the stars appear one by one. You might lose track of time out in the wilderness, but you’ll surely have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

February may not be the ideal time of year for these types of dates in some climates, but hold on to these ideas for when it warms up, you won’t regret it!

Cold Weather Jeep Dates:

A Little Adventure: Looking for an unconventional date idea? If the two of you love to tear up trails, take a drive to the mountains and have some snow wheeling fun. Remember to bring your recovery gear, so you don’t blow the whole evening. A quiet dinner for two doesn’t even compare to the thrill you’ll both experience out on the trail. And if you do get stuck, some of best bonding happens while trying to work out a problem. Use your teamwork skills and you will definitely have a night of fond memories to look back on.

Give Her/Him the Wheel: If you’re in a new and budding relationship, what’s more romantic than handing over the wheel of your precious Jeep? Nothing says trust quite like that. Take a deep breath, your Jeep is in good hands. The best way to get your significant other to understand your Jeeper ways is to give them the true experience. Drive out to an off-road spot (beginner friendly of course) and hand over the wheel. They’ll quickly see why Jeeping is such a big part of your life, or you’ll be able to more easily gauge whether or not they’re worth your time.

Get creative this Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Remember this simple equation; Date +Jeep =Best Valentine’s Day Ever.

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A Little Snow Never Stopped A Jeeper

Posted by Sara Ramani on Thu, Jan 26, 2017 @ 02:11 PM

Banish winter blues the Jeeper way and hit your favorite trail during the next snow storm. Whether you’re a seasoned snow wheeler, a mudbogger yearning for a wintry hobby, or it’s the first winter you’re sharing with your Jeep, we have great tips and gear for a seamless off-road journey. As Jeepers have proven time and again there are no limits to exploring the great outdoors, and snow is certainly no exception. 

Get Started: Before your snowy excursion, prepare for the worst. Stock up on snacks, water, warm clothing, and a blanket, just in case you’re stranded and can't make it back home until daylight. Most important, bring a buddy! Not only will the extra wheels and set of hands be necessary if you get stuck, but it's also fun to enjoy the ride with a friend or family memeber.

Store your supplies in a way that works best for you. Check out our selection of Storage Solutions for your Jeep!

under-seat-organizer-jk-bestop.jpgBestop Underseat Organizer


Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Trail Bag with 5 Compartments

Basic Safety Tips: In addition to supplies, make sure you pack your Recovery Gear, in case you need to be pulled out of an icy situation. If you’re from New England or a mountainous region, snow driving safety is probably a part of your nature. For those of you native to warm weather, one of the most important tips, is to get your foot off the gas pedal if you’re stuck. All you're doing is digging your Jeep in deeper. Backing up and trying to go forward again is a good method, and if that won’t work, get out and dig or get your buddy to help pull your Jeep out.

If you find the snow quickly turning to ice on your windshield, make sure you’re equipped with an Ice Scraper. Visibility is one of the most important safety factors in a snowstorm!


Jeep Ice Scraper

A great tool for getting out of the snow and ice is to add traction to where it’s lacking. Use these GripTrack Molded Plastic Vehicle Traction Plates to give your tires something to grab onto.


GripTrack Molded Plastic Vehicle Traction Plates

Have Fun: Blazing through snowy trails you’ll see some incredible sights. When you’re off the grid and away from the salt trucks and plows, you’ll experience the winter storm in all its glory. So long as you are safe, keep away from ice, and stay dry, the experience will be unlike any other. Don’t forget to bring your camera to document the sights!

In addition to your winter jacket, be sure to layer up in your favorite Jeep Apparel, and bring a hot beverage along for the ride.


Stainless Steel Mug


Convertible Zip Jacket

We'd love to hear about your crazy winter Jeep adventures, share your snow wheeling stories with us in the comments below!

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All Things Jeep Announces Our Annual Top 10 Best Jeep Holiday Gifts for 2016

Posted by All Things Jeep on Wed, Nov 30, 2016 @ 01:24 PM



Every year compiles a list of the year’s 10 most unique Jeep holiday gift ideas. Many of these items are new products that have just come out this year. A few are perennial favorites that you may have missed. This year, your favorite Jeep enthusiast will be impressed with your gift giving skills when they unwrap one of these unique Jeep gifts!


  1. For Jeep Loving, Jewelry Loving Ladies –Jeep Charm Jewelry - This year we’ve found the cutest, most fun Jeep Jewelry we’ve ever seen. These hand stamped necklaces and a bracelet are adorable and more important, they let your share your love of your Jeep with everyone. Jeep Jewelry - Necklaces & Bracelets  ($15-23) jeep-off-road-jewelry-16.gif
  1. For Jeepers with the Christmas Spirit -Colorful Jeep Christmas Ornaments – This set of three different ornaments may confuse the non-Jeeper friends, but every Jeeper that sees your tree will get a laugh at the ornament in the bunch that simply states, “…You wouldn’t understand.” Our ornaments all include the year 2016 so you can remember the good times you shared in your Jeep in 2016! 2016 Jeep Holiday Ornaments ($16.99 for Set of 3)  all-things-jeep-2015-holiday-ornaments-set-of-three-51.gif                                                                                 
  2. For Black Jeep Owners with an “edge”: I’m the Black Jeep of the Family Tire Cover. If you know a black Jeep owner that enjoys their “egde, we’ve got the perfect gift. This is one of our most popular tire covers and for a good reason. It’s a little bit “bad boy” and a lotta fun. If your black Jeep owner doesn’t need a wheel cover, we also have this design available in t-shirts, sweatshirts and decals. I'm the Black Jeep of the Family Tire Cover ($99.00)   black-jeep-of-the-family-tire-cover-2.gif                                                                              
  3. For the Jeeper who’s never driven anything else: Only In a Jeep Sign - 14" Round.- There are those of us who started practicing driving on grandpa's CJ5 stick and who've never driven anything else. This sign is for them (and looks as old as Grandpa.) It's 14 gauge steel and will last forever. ($24.00) Only in a Jeep Metal Signonly-in-a-jeep-sign-reproduction-14-round-19.gif
  1. For Jeepers Young and Old that are still a Kid Inside: Jeep Cross Country Racer with Driver - Let the Games Begin! Race down the mud ways with this Orange Jeep Cross Country Racer with Driver inside! Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS, the Jeep is perfect for indoor and outdoor playing. Will it be Team Orange or Team Blue that crossed the finish line first? Jeep Cross Country Racer with Driver-Team Orange  Jeep Cross Country Racer with Driver-Team Blue ($38.99)
  2. jeep-cross-country-racer-with-driver-in-blue-5.gifjeep-cross-country-racer-with-driver-in-orange-3.gif
  1. For the Jeeper with a “Man Cave” (Or Lady Cave) – Jeep Neon Clock - Jeepers like to count down the hours until their next Jeep ride. Make it easier for them with this ultra-cool Jeep Neon Clock. It will look perfect on the wall of your garage or man cave. Jeep Neon Green Clock ($79.99)    jeep-green-neon-clock.jpg                                                                                      
  2. For Jeep Owners with a Jeep Dog sidekick: Jeep Paw Print sweatshirt - We love dogs and dogs love Jeeps! If your favorite Jeeper's dog always rides shotgun, they’ll love our Jeep Paw Print sweatshirt. It’s available in 3 colors and if you want something lighter, this design is available in t-shirt styles as well. Jeep Dog Paw Logo Sweatshirt (black paw print) ($38.99) Jeep Dog Paw Logo Sweatshirt (white paw print)($38.99)                                                                                    jeep-black-dog-paw-hooded-sweatshirt.jpgjeep-white-dog-paw-hooded-sweatshirt.jpg


  1. For Jeepers Who Love to Relax: Jeep Lounge Wear & PJs – Word hard, play hard, chill hard! Our selection of lounge wear takes "eat, sleep, Jeep" to a whole new level of comfort. We have pajamas, sweatpants, cozy sweatshirts, blankets and more! Jeep Lounge Wear & Pajamas ($16.99 and up)    jeep-lounge-wear-10.gif                                                                  
  2. For the Patriotic Jeeper with Personality: Spartan Grille Kit with American Flag Insert - Give your Wrangler that aggressive angry eyes look and add personality with this Spartan Grille Kit with American Flag Insert by Rugged Ridge! It will add a whole new level of personality to their Jeep. Spartan Grille Kit with American Flag Insert for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016($330.99)  spartan-grille-kit-with-american-flag-insert-wrangler-jk-2007-2016-2.gif                                                                                                                  
  3. For Jeepers that Think About Jeeps All Day Everyday: Jeep Off-Road 2016 Calendar – Your favorite Jeeper will be able to keep track of club meetings, trail rides, YOUR birthday and more all while enjoying Jeeps in awesome off road scenes with this 2016 wall calendar. Jeep 2016 Off-Road Wall Calendar ($14.99)mot252009.jpg

About All Things Jeep

All Things Jeep is the largest providers of gifts, accessories and memorabilia to the Jeep® and off-road market. Their goal is to make Jeep owners happy by offering unique products, fast shipping, outstanding service, and the widest offering of Jeep-related gifts and accessories. Visit  for the perfect gift for Jeep® lovers including clothing, decals, tire covers, signs, jewelry, accessories for your Jeep and more.

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The Secret of how All Things Jeep’s Go Topless Day began

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Mon, Aug 01, 2016 @ 12:14 PM

A customer recently asked us how All Things Jeep’s Go Topless Day got started. That’s a dirty little secret I never really wanted to give away but feeling nostalgic as 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of this event, I thought I’d share the story. It’s a perfect example of small business bootstrap marketing! If any of you are small business owners, you will nod your head in appreciation.

Back in the early part of 2008, All Things Jeep was still a fledgling company. We were about to turn 5 years old. We had gained enough traction to just recently move into a real warehouse, in a larger office park, and outside vendors were showing up at our door regularly. The guy who wanted to sell us retirement services for our employees, the company who wanted to sell us an alarm system for the warehouse, and the local newspaper that wanted us to advertise were just a few of the people ringing our door bell.

Turns out the woman wanting to sell ad space in the local paper also did some writing for it. And she happen to be working on the Springtime section of the paper, “Happenings around Boston this Spring” which was going to be published the following week. It was April 2008. Did All Things Jeep have a springtime “Happening” for the paper? It did not. A small e-commerce company selling hats and t-shirts to Jeep enthusiasts doesn’t have “happenings”. But if it meant getting a write-up in the local paper for 1000s to see, well then, heck, we were going to have a happening!

The 2nd week of April 2008 we came up with the idea that Jeep owners in New England have the spring ritual of taking the top off their Jeeps and let’s celebrate it as the national holiday it should be! Let’s pick a day and call for a celebration and let’s see if we can get free publicity for the company. Thus, Go Topless Day was born. Once the “Happening” was submitted to the paper, we had no choice but to make it happen, just in case the paper published the event! We called a local farm stand with a big parking lot and asked if we could hold an event there. We got our designer to create a logo for Go Topless Day, and we started talking it up to the local Jeep community.
The paper never published our event (I suppose the name had something to do with it), but by then, we had the t-shirts (above) and were marching forward with the event. And to incent people to show up, we said that we were going to cut the top off a Cherokee so it could go topless too!

Thus the opportunity for free publicity became local Go Topless Day. But you know Jeep enthusiasts! But they time the day arrived, it had become the First Annual International Go Topless Day for Jeeps! Our local event occurred in Lancaster, MA and about 80 Jeeps and owners showed up. Through word of mouth, we had Jeep clubs all over the world also participate. We had a photo contest and gave away cool prizes. We had some kick-ass entries! Here’s a 2008 Go Topless Day write-up a blogger did.

Here's one of our all time favorite entries into our Go Topless Day Photo Contest.


The event that was invented to get our name in a local paper has become a phenomena in the Jeep community and next spring, we celebrate the 10th Annual International Go Topless Day! We are thinking about ideas on how to celebrate a Ten Years of Topless Day! If you have suggestions, post them in the comments section. And remember, when opportunity knocks, go topless!

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Jeep Hair. Don't Care.

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Wed, Jul 27, 2016 @ 11:55 AM

Jeep Girls Driving Wranglers. 

We've all seen long haired Jeep girls driving topless Jeeps. Maybe you've been one. Maybe you are one today. And if so, you know the struggle us Jeep girls face. There's even a contigent of long-haired Jeep guys with the same struggle. Yup, you know it. Jeep Hair. 

A few of the All Things Jeep girls decided to make a little video about this problem to entertain ourselves. Now we are posting it for you. Enjoy. 

All Things Jeep brings you: 





 If you need to own one of these t-shirts, check them all out here: Jeep Hair Don't Care Tee-Shirts

And yes, hats are coming. 

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Ah crap, I thought I wouldn't cry about Jeeps again.

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Thu, Jun 23, 2016 @ 03:56 PM

When I sold All Things Jeep back in 2010 after my husband and co-founder of the business passed away, it never occurred to me that I’d be back sitting in a chair in the ATJ office working in the business again. Ok, to tell you the truth, it did occur to me that it might happen. But when the new owner moved the core portion of the business out to the west coast, I dropped that thought and pondered my next career move outside of the Jeep world.

Since then, I’ve worked a bit, raised teens, and sold most of our Jeeps and become more “practical” in my car choice. (Insert frown face here.)  I’m embarrassed to say that one day I sold my 2007 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and purchased a used Honda CRV (that didn’t have a “death wobble”) for my kids to drive. (My coolness factor plummeted at least 50% that day.) And during this time I've also stayed in touch with the folks at ATJ.

A few months ago I started hearing the rumblings of some potential news that the ATJ warehouse might be moving back to the east coast. Turns out the rumors are true. It’s exciting to grow a small business from scratch and watch it blossom into a thriving business. It’s like a baby. In fact, All Things Jeep WAS our other baby. It started out helpless and needing all of our energy. We grew it out of diapers, through the toddler years (we launched Go Topless Day ™ then,) and into its adolescent years. Through the passion and dedication of the ATJ team, the new (and current) owner, and the enthusiasm of our amazing customers, I think of All Things Jeep as a full fledged successful “grown-up” business now. It’s been heartwarming to see. I know that my husband, Norman, would be so incredibly proud of what we created and how the customers and employees alike have kept it going. The business is exactly what he wanted it to be, and I wish he was here to see it. (Actually, if he was, he’d still be running it so he’d be here every day.)

Well, the title of this blog post is “Ah crap, I thought I wouldn’t cry about Jeeps again” and here’s why I said that. Recently, I was asked if I’d be interested in coming back to ATJ part time to help out with a few things. I said “yes”. And I thought about what it would be like to walk back into an office just miles away from my home, where Norman and I started the business 13 years ago. I knew it was going to be sentimental. It was like a child that had grown up and gone off on their own, coming home. But, I’ve been a bit removed from ATJ over the last few years, and I didn’t think it would feel as personal as it once would have. I thought I wouldn’t cry or anything, coming back “home”. But I was wrong. I walked into All Things Jeep again, and my eyes welled up with tears. There are lots of new faces here. And LOTS of new products. And lots of space. But as I walk through the warehouse, I see some of the same products we launched with 13 years ago (the Jeep cookie cutters, the Built In Run It Break It Fix It Repeat T-shirts, the Life is Good Native Jeep Hat). My heart got all warm and gooey. Yes, this is a sentimental post. However, our customers were my friends and my family. The Jeep community is close-knit and connected. All Things Jeep has always been more than just a company, it’s been a way for Jeep fans to stay connected with their community, to keep the Jeep passion alive. So I cried some sentimental tears. And now I’ll get to work! 




(The first day I walked into the warehouse. Items were just being loaded onto the shelves. Want to see photos of what it looks like now?) 


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Take Your Top Off for Go Topless Day!

Posted by Lindsey Borreson on Wed, Apr 13, 2016 @ 02:25 PM


Go Topless Day is a spring tradition when we celebrate the return of warm weather and sense of fun and adventure that comes along with owning a Jeep! Go Topless Day was started by All Things Jeep’s founders in 2008 after a particularly brutal New England Winter. The first event was a small meet up of Jeepers at a local farm and ice cream stand, but the event has since grown to include thousands of participants all around the world!


All Things Jeep works with off-road clubs and Jeep fans all over the globe to host events. Whether it’s a small group of Jeep-loving friends planning a scenic ride to a local watering hole, like the Red Line Jeeps in Maine, or a multi-club event drawing thousands of participants to an area, like Crystal Beach, Texas, all are supported by Most events are open to the public to grow and strengthen the local off road community and unite Jeep owners. Activities range from coastline cruises to trail clean-ups, beach parties to backyard picnics, all in the name of fun and charity. 


As many Jeep owners will attest, removing the top from the Jeep Wrangler, or “going topless” is one of the most enjoyable aspects of ownership, especially so after months of cold weather. The annual kick-off celebration of the start of topless Jeep season is easy to join! Simply take your top off!



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