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2 door versus 4 door 2009 Jeep Wranglers

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Sun, Apr 26, 2009 @ 11:59 PM

Ok, today you get my biased opinion on why you should never buy a 2 door Jeep Wrangler JK today if you can afford a 4 door. They are just too darn small!

We just came back from a Florida beach vacation. (It was fantastic, thanks for asking.) When I called the car rental places down there, they all said that they did not have Jeeps (only in Hawaii). So I used to get a great deal on a mid-sized econobox. However, once we got down there and were at the Avis counter filling out the paperwork, the counter person happened to ask, "What kind of vehicle do you drive at home?" When we said a Jeep, she smiled and said they happened to have one available for  rent that day, for only $8 more per day. Well, how can you turn that down? We didn't. And ended up piling 2 grown-ups, 2 almost grown-up kids, 4 duffel bags and a computer case (still had to check email/the website) into the back seat/cargo area of a cute little 2 door JK with only 1800 miles on it.

I wouldn't have had it any other way, but man, was that thing small compared to the 4 door I am now used to driving. I forgot how fun but cramped the 2 door is. The kids love the open air, topless feeling. But at the end of every ride, the teenager crawled out of the back seat barely able to move her legs!

So, my take on the 2 door... if you are never going to have more than 2 humans in your Jeep at once, grab one. BUT, if you having growing humans in your family, give them a break, do your part to prevent permanent damage to their growing legs, and let them spread out in a 4 door. They will be grateful.

(And the second lesson for today is that Avis often has Jeep rentals available at their Florida coast counters. Just ask.)