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Theft of Jeep Doors in Stamford, CT

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Mon, Dec 29, 2008 @ 01:18 AM

I used to live in Stamford so will still read the local paper there online to keep tabs on what is going on with old schoolmates, etc. To my dismay, this is what I read yesterday.


Theft of Jeep doors was a crushing blow

Staff Reports Posted: 12/26/2008 01:00:00 AM EST

To the editor:

To the person(s) who vandalized my Jeep on Dec. 9 where it was sitting in the Springdale train station, and stole the doors: I would like you to know some things.

First of all, I am a person, not some invisible entity. The day before you vandalized my vehicle, I was let go from my job after nearly nine years of employment. I am a single parent struggling to put my daughter through college. I am recovering from foot surgery and it is very painful to walk. I have no savings and nothing else of material value to my name but the Jeep and my condo, and I am one of many people who are struggling and behind with mortgage payments.

So now, because of what you personally did, I cannot drive the vehicle. I cannot afford to replace the doors because - guess what? - they weren't covered by my insurance; the price to replace them both is at least $1,500. So I am forced to walk in snow and slush and am in agony at the end of the day because of my foot. So I'd also like you to know that you ruined my Christmas. You've also made it 10 times harder for me to attend job interviews. But then again, job interviews are probably something you wouldn't know about.

And now, what about you? Without meeting you, I can safely say that loser, low-life and petty criminal would all be apt descriptions.

Next time you think about vandalizing a car - that is, if you think about anything at all - try to remember it is a real person you are hurting. And you have hurt me a great  deal.

Amy Lamborn

Stamford "

I'd hate to think this was a Jeep person who did this, but seriously, who else would find value in them, specifically. Ugh. In the middle of winter, no less.

I have no contacts in the "hard parts" world of Jeep doors. Anyone have any ideas on how we can help this women get some doors on her Jeep?

Free Shipping on orders overy $40, Jeep Mousepads & more

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Sun, Dec 07, 2008 @ 07:09 PM

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Should we bail them out?

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Sat, Dec 06, 2008 @ 09:55 PM

So, what do you think? Should our government bail out the automobile manufacturers. Or should we let them deal with the consequences of bad behavior?

I teach my kids about actions and consequences. But that's small potatoes. If they don't get their laundry done, the consequence is that they can't watch the Spongebob Christmas Special. It doesn't affect anyone else and no one loses their job. But if we let the manufacturers deal with the consequences, it impacts so many more people. Thousands lose their jobs, some many businesses are at risk. But those big three automotive manufacturers have now asked for $34 billion in government loans before the House Financial Services Committee. $34 BILLION DOLLARS! Astronomical numbers I can't even get my mind around. It's simply disgraceful that it has come to this and my gut says no, don't give them the money, make 'em go to bed without watching Spongebob, but my head says yes, give them the money. I don't want to see the after effects on the people of the country. Then again, my head says no and my gut says yes. It's a tough one. What do you think?

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Fri, Dec 05, 2008 @ 09:32 PM

Walk into any bricks and morter retail store this time of year and you can' t miss that it's the Christmas season. Trees, lights, wreaths, stockings, candy canes and so on. But walk into our warehouse and what do you see? Just this ugly little plastic tree with a single ornament on it. It's sad, really. We're too busy to decorate and too exhausted to care. But then what shows up in the mail this past week but a package from our Secret Santa Mike down in lovely Hawaii. And he sent us an ornament. It's a happy, warm looking Hawaiin beauty hula-ing herself happy because there's presents. Mike is one of our absolute best customers and we love him for sending this ornament to us. He buys a lot from us (we like that) and he sends care packages full of Hawaiin goodies for all the tired little All Things Jeep elves. There's one thing we don't like about him, however. He's never sent us airline tickets. ;(

So maybe there's some other loving, giving, All Things Jeep customers that would want to send us an ornament to help us decorate our Christmas tree? It could even be a pizza-stained folded napkin with a snowman drawn on it with the crayons that they give the kids at the chain restaurants (the ones where all your kids ever eat is chicken fingers and french fries.) OR, a hand painted clay model of one of our Jeeps (96 XJ, 83 CJ, 07 JK, 89 Comanche) complete with the 7 slot grille.

Either way, we'd love to proudly display any ornament made by a customer.

(I suggested that I try this tactic to help us get more in the holiday spirit here, and everyone laughed at me.) But, like Charlie Brown, I have faith.

 Send anything to:

All Things Jeep

Ornaments for Charlie Brown Tree

Two Shaker Road, Unit F101

Shirley, MA 01464


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