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No Jeep Left Behind: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Jeepers

Posted by Sara Ramani on Thu, Feb 09, 2017 @ 11:55 AM


To some, Valentine’s Day is all hearts and flowers and candy. To others, Valentine’s Day includes stressful last minute planning, dinner reservations, and sweating over whether or not their date will have a good time. For Jeepers, Valentine’s Day might mean giving your undivided attention to someone other than their Jeep. Yawn. Let’s be honest, that doesn’t sound too appealing to a Jeeper. Luckily, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day dates you can enjoy, Jeep included. To simplify the stress of planning, we’ve compiled a list of Jeep date ideas you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been married many wonderful years. Another added benefit, these dates don’t cost an arm and a leg, in fact they are completely free!

Warm Weather Jeep Dates:

Drive-in Movie: Turn your Jeep into a time machine and bring your date to a drive in movie. Drive-in theaters are few and far between nowadays, but we all have the technology to create our own private little drive-ins. Pick a movie, any movie, maybe even some Romantic Comedy your date has been pestering you to watch. Grab your laptop, tablet, even your cell phone will do, drive your date out to a quiet scenic location to minimize distractions. Simply place your movie-watching device on the dashboard, snuggle up, and enjoy the show!

Star Gazing: Load up the Jeep with some sleeping bags and blankets and drive out to a little clearing in the woods, a hill that overlooks your town, or any place that you can get a good view of the sky. Maybe grab some take-out on the way, or other things that may help set the mood. Once you’re there, park, get cozy and watch the sun set and the stars appear one by one. You might lose track of time out in the wilderness, but you’ll surely have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

February may not be the ideal time of year for these types of dates in some climates, but hold on to these ideas for when it warms up, you won’t regret it!

Cold Weather Jeep Dates:

A Little Adventure: Looking for an unconventional date idea? If the two of you love to tear up trails, take a drive to the mountains and have some snow wheeling fun. Remember to bring your recovery gear, so you don’t blow the whole evening. A quiet dinner for two doesn’t even compare to the thrill you’ll both experience out on the trail. And if you do get stuck, some of best bonding happens while trying to work out a problem. Use your teamwork skills and you will definitely have a night of fond memories to look back on.

Give Her/Him the Wheel: If you’re in a new and budding relationship, what’s more romantic than handing over the wheel of your precious Jeep? Nothing says trust quite like that. Take a deep breath, your Jeep is in good hands. The best way to get your significant other to understand your Jeeper ways is to give them the true experience. Drive out to an off-road spot (beginner friendly of course) and hand over the wheel. They’ll quickly see why Jeeping is such a big part of your life, or you’ll be able to more easily gauge whether or not they’re worth your time.

Get creative this Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Remember this simple equation; Date +Jeep =Best Valentine’s Day Ever.

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Happy Valentine's Day, and Take Pictures

Posted by Angelo Lanham on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 06:33 PM

JP Valentine resized 600
First of all, if you're at a loss for Jeep Valentine's Day ideas, please observe the above image, then follow this link to, from whence the image originates, so you can send the valentine to your sweetheart.

What a cool vintage image. Here's hoping you've gotten your ATJ Valentine's goodies, because today is the day. Remember, it's still not too late to order some of our cool VD (Valentine's Day ... where's your head?) stuff and then blame the Post Office for late delivery, and it definitely isn't too late to head over to the gas station and buy a rose from the guy outside with the bucket full of 'em.

All this mushy lovey dovey talk got me wondering just what it is all you Jeepsters are doing for Valentine's Day, and whether or not you take pictures. After combing the Internet, I found an alarming deficiency of photographic evidence that proves that Jeepsters have their own style of lovin'. Can you imagine a rugged Jeep owner handing over a chalky conversational heart candy that reads "B MINE?"

Neither can we. That's because you're not fourth graders, you're Jeepsters. So, whether you're expressing love for your Jeep itself or you're lucky enough to be paired with a fellow Jeepster who understands that off-road enthusiasm deserves a place in the Holiday of Love, snap a couple of pics and send 'em here. We'd certainly like to post them. If we get enough, we can have a Valentine's Photo contest or something.

So, if you're having an off-road Valentine's Day, good for you and take some pictures. Now if you'll excuse me, It's time for me to clock out and go buy some roses from the guy outside the gas station.

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Go Topless Day 2013 and ATJ's Answer to Valentine's Day

Posted by Angelo Lanham on Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 07:53 PM

go topless day 13

Our good buddy Patrick Hughes logged onto the ATJ Blog just the other day and asked whether GTD13 would happen to fall on the date of May 11 this time around, citing rumors that have floated about craigslist.

It's an issue that's buzzing around message boards, and deserves some clarification.

As you can see by this year's new GTD banner, the "official" Go Topless Day is, in fact, May 18. Naturally, a day of such freedom as Go Topless Day can hardly be contained to a single day, any easier than it may be limited to a single event (which it cannot, by the way). We believe Mr. Hughes was speaking of the New Hampshire-based event over at Backwoods Farms, which will indeed occur on May 11.

If you haven't already put it together, that's great news for New Englanders, because you can easily go to the NH event, then to the Ocean State Jeepsters event in MA the following weekend.

Remember back when you were a kid and wished on a star for an extra Christmas? It's finally happened, and you have North Country Rock Solid 4x4 to thank for organizing the 5/11 event. Naturally, ATJ will be at both events, and will be there in spirit at the numerous other events to be staged nation-wide. Stay tuned for info on the 5/18 GTD.

Valentine's Day Fun

It may be fun to go topless in May, but at the beginning of February, it's cold. It's hard to even think about going topless. But you know what's easy to think about? Valentine's day. Yup, it's right around the corner, again, and yup, I heard you groan.

The good news is, we have all sorts of paraphernalia for you to buy your sweetheart — and if you order now, you can even pretend like you didn't forget. The truly strange thing is that the phrases "You Make my Heart Rev" and "Let's Hook Up" are not currently inscribed on any known brand of conversational heart. We checked.

allthingsjeep 2247 207905638describe the image

 The candy companies' loss, however, is your ATJ-wear gain. What's more, each of these shirts has a matching pair of sweats, echoing identical sentiments. So you can lounge comfortable in cold, crisp February with your feelings about your honey on your sleeve. Body. Whatever.

allthingsjeep 2247 209349911describe the image

These are just a few ways to celebrate your love, ATJ style. Not to neglect the dozens of heart-filled Jeep designs available year-round. There is no reason to contain the expression of 4x4 love.

Of course, sweatpants and nifty T-shirts can only go so far to warm the heart. True love needs more than just comfortable and snazzy around-the-house wear. Something genuine, solid and real. Something like this cool dry-erase board that's free with every order over $75 until Feb. 14. Free shipping on those $75+ orders, too.

allthingsjeep 2247 210759581

Naturally, there are more goodies to be found on the website, which we know you'll visit soon, anyway. Stay with us for GTD13 updates and other exciting Jeep Things that they wouldn't understand.


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