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ATJ Customer of the Week - 10/9/08 - Amanda W., Spencer, WV

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Thu, Oct 09, 2008 @ 09:00 AM

This week's Customer of the Week is AMANDA from West Virginia!

Here's what Amanda has to say.

1. What are you currently driving? model? year? color? etc. --2005 Silver Jeep TJ Sport, 7.5 " lift, 36x12.50 super swampers, lots of other stuff.

2. Tell us your favorite modication you have made to your current Jeep. --Currie 9" rear end and ARB lockers

3. When dd you get your first Jeep and why did you choose a Jeep? --1992 XJ for my 16th birthday.  I wanted a jeep ever since my first ride in one in about 1985.  I always wanted a wrangler, but the XJ was the compromise with my parents.  I bought my TJ new after I graduated from college.

4. Where's the most interesting place you've had your Jeep? --An old coal / coke furnace beside a trout stream from civil war era in the backwoods of Virginia.

5. What is the most interesting thing you've DONE in your Jeep? --Not in it, but took it to go skinny dipping with a friend in the above mentioned trout stream.

6. Ever get arrested while in the Jeep?  For what? --Not yet.

7. What music do you listen to while driving the Jeep? --Anything but country, but while wheeling I especially the Hives and AC/DC.

8. How many Jeeps have you had in your lifetime?  --3, the 92 XJ, 05 TJ and also have a 81 CJ5.

9. If you could win any Jeep, past or present, what Jeep would you want to win? --1948 Willys Jeepster

10 Does your Jeep have a name? What is it? --Either Jed or Monster Jeep depending on my mood
11. If it doesn't have a name and you had to name it, what would you call it?

12. Is it a boy or a girl? --Boy

13. Tell us about any stickers or custom work you have on your Jeep? --Lots of stickers (most from ATJ) my favorite is 'Paved roads are another fine example of unnecessary government spending.'  I also have several "custom" scratches and dents from those mythical jumping rocks and trees that off-road folks know about.

14. What's the most unique thing about your Jeep? --The driver!

15. If you are a member of a local Jeep or off-road club, give a shout out to the club here:

16. If you were a Super Hero and your Jeep had extradinary powers, what would those powers be? --It would be able to regenerate and fix itself.  I would never have to replace another u-joint again. 

17. If you could chose one new gift for your next birthday, would it be:
    - a new 2009 4 door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
    - a fully restored, 1941 Jeep Willys
    - world peace
    - a million dollar gift certificate to
    (this is a loaded question, we do hope you all choose world peace)   --Preferably all of them except the 2009 4-door.  But I think Miss America has the world peace thing taken care of, so I'll take the 41 willys and gift certificate.
18. What are your 3 favorite products available for sale at  

--1)The Stickers.  All of them.    

 2) The Jeep specific LIG shirts, etc.    

3) The flexible camera tripods rock!  Perfect for a video camera on the rear view mirror to catch the trail action.

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