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Jeep Beach Towels - We got 'em!

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Thu, Jun 05, 2008 @ 12:22 PM

It's supposed to be a lovely 92 degrees this weekend here in town (luckily I'll be in an air conditioned building all weekend in lovely Chicago learning more about running an online business.) But for you poor souls who will be baking, may I suggest you hit the beach with one of these! Big enough to cover you up. Fluffy enough to dry you off. And you can't miss the Jeep logo. Who knows, you may meet some new Jeep-loving hottie just by using this towel.

Jeep Beach Towels  (I like the green best)

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Jeep Beachwear / Beach Accessories

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Wed, Mar 19, 2008 @ 02:28 PM

Calling all customers and readers of our blog. We need your opinion on a new line of products we've been asked to introduce to the world. We have our thoughts - from very cool to downright silly (we'll let you guess which items are which) but tell us what do YOU think of these following potential products. If you love them, we'll be selling them by late spring. But you need to tell us!

 1. JEEP BEACH TOWELS. You've been asking for these for years. Here are some DRAFT ideas of a design that would go on a big, fluffy beach towel. Lay this baby down in the sand and attract that cute Jeep boy / girl across the way. (no body damage on that left headlight in the final product)

2. Jeep terrycloth Cinch Sack - perfect size for your blanket and sunscreen


3. Jeep Short Wrap - it's a perfectly sized towel, with a velcroed waist so you can almost Jeep naked, (or at least go topless!) For guys to throw on before heading up to the snack stand for food.

4. Longer Jeep Towel Wrap - that's us, hitting the beaches in between packing all your orders. With a matching set, a happy Jeep couple could look REALLY COOL on the beach this summer!

So, seriously, tell us what you think.


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