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Spring is almost in the air...

Posted by Norman on Mon, Mar 17, 2008 @ 02:05 PM


This has been one of those long winters here in the Northeast. Where even Skiers and hard core snow enthusiasts are saying, ‘its been good, but I'm ready to see greenery'. Its also time to get the Jeep ready for the wheeling season. This year in addition to the regular maintenance where putting a new front bumper on the Scrambler. The old (tire, bent and abused) ConFerr heavy-duty bumper is being retired in replaced with a Rampage Rock Rage bumper.

Here is my spring maintenance list:


  • Change oil
  • Check steering for play
  • Grease ball joints
  • Inspect and grease front axle u-joints
  • Inspect and grease front & rear drive shaft u-joints
  • Check font & rear differentials for fluid leaks add (or change) as necessary
  • Disassemble and repack front hub, rotor and bearings
  • Inspect and tighten (if needed) leaf spring u-bolts
  • Inspect leaf spring bushings
  • Inspect motor mounts and tranny mounts
  • Inspect brake pads and lines
  • Test winches (I usually spool the cable and check for cable kinks or damage
  • Check radiator and coolant levels
  • Replenish supplies pulled from crash kit during last year

So come on Spring, let's go it's almost April!