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RE: Jeep Dog Days of Summer Contest

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Tue, Aug 05, 2008 @ 10:46 AM

We've gotten all sorts of entries for this contest but this one is so funny I had to post it. Enjoy.

"Hi There, Just couldn't decide which picture to send.  We have 3 dogs who love to go jeeping, Annie, Petey and O.D.D.  Annie and O.D.D. are rescue dogs that love any attention they can get. O.D.D. stands for Other Damn Dog, cause he was the last one we got and couldn't remember his name.  He came with the name of Kibbles and we changed it to Kirby, but kept calling him Hoover  (wrong vaccuum cleaner).  We now just call him O.D. for short, but it causes some reactions in the vet's office when they come out and ask for Odd.  People really look at us like we are odd.  People also look at us a little strange when we are jeeping down the road with 3 dogs.  We are done dragging home dogs now cause we can't fit anymore in the Jeep, however we do have 3 Jeeps, so if only one of those dogs could drive we could drag home a few more. 

Summitted by Lois W

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