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What do Jeep owners and Shakespeare fans have in common?

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Wed, Jul 23, 2008 @ 11:51 PM
As a small business owner focused on a niche community (yes, us Jeep owners are a "niche" and my parents still can't get over that we've made a business out of this!), I love keeping in touch with other online niche business owners. Once of my favorite guys is Silas. I've never met him but his business is even crazier than ours. He sells tees and finger puppets to Shakespeare enthusiasts. (And you thought Jeep owners were a bit odd with their fanaticism?) Actually, Silas sells more than just tees and puppets, and his audience spans across fans of Shakespeare, Einstein, Da Vinci & more. But what do Jeep owners and Shakespeare fans have in common? He's running his own kick-a** contest right now and you can earn some cool stuff from Shakespeare's Den by entering HIS contest. And it's a lot more creative than our dog contest. Win them both and amaze all your friends. Anyhow, we were talking and I told Silas I'd mention his Summer Shakespearience Photo Contest in my blog. Heck, I figured there'd be at least 7 Jeep fans in the world that also love the theater. So you seven folks, please give him a shout. I know he'd appreciate it. (And if I send all 7 of you to his site, he might even hook me up with my favorite Genius Parking Only sign. I'd put it right in front of my parking space at work.)

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