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An Off-Road Tire Cover with a Secret

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Wed, Nov 12, 2008 @ 10:33 AM

A local furniture company up here in the New England used to advertise their "Sofa with a Secret". Anyone know what I'm talking about? Jordans Furniture had these sofas where the cushion on the soft arm lifted up and inside was storage area for your chips and dips. I think one version even had a in insulated "secret" so you could drink your beer and store your empties and never have to get up off your butt. They were super popular.

In any case, we've just found the off-roaders version of the "sofa with a secret". It's the tire cover with a secret from PakkRatt. We call it the PakkRatt Tire Cover Storage Solution. From the outside, just a simple, heavy duty black tire cover.

But then you notice a zipper near the center of the tire cover. Unzip it, and voila - storage space you didn't know you had!

This Jeep storage solution takes "negative space" that you didn't use before and turns it into storage for your tools and recovery gear (or snacks and toilet paper, your choice!).

There's hooks to keep things organized and even a small zippered pocket inside for little things like hand tools and gloves. And keep your tow hook handy by simply wrapping it around the cover and holding it secure with the built-in straps.

If you've ever had a rollover out on the trail and have had a tough time getting to your recovery gear, you'll instantly see the benefit to the PakkRatt Storage Solution. And if you never go out on the trail, then just think of what a great place this is to store the chips for your picnics. No crushing!

The PakkRatt Tire Cover Storage Solution is available for tire sizes 30" up to 40" and starts at $159.99.

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