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JPFreek Magazine & United Four Wheel Drive Associations Announcement

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Sun, Nov 08, 2009 @ 09:47 AM

I am really proud to say that the publishers of my favorite Off-Road Publication, JPFreek Adventure Magazine, and United Four Wheel Drive Association, (an association of Jeep associations!) are doing great things for the Jeep & off-road community with their new partnership. Just got this press release sent over to me. I'm going to post it, in full, below. Then I'll add a few links so you can check out their sites.


United Four Wheel Drive Associations & JPFreek Adventure Magazine Create Publishing Partnership

JPFreek to Commence Publication of The Voice for United Four Wheel Drive Associations

Beaverton, OR - 11/3/2009 - United Four Wheel Drive Associations today announced a partnership with JPFreek Adventure Magazine to produce and publish The Voice, the official magazine of United Four Wheel Drive Associations, as an engaging quarterly digital publication focused on off-highway and outdoor recreation as well as responsible land use.

The new partnership is a first for both organizations and will allow United Four Wheel Drive Associations to broaden its distribution scope by digitizing their previous hardcopy edition of The Voice.  In addition, the partnership will expand the subscription base for JPFreek Adventure Magazine to an additional 11,000 subscribers as part of the current membership package for United Four Wheel Drive Associations. 

JPFreek Adventure Magazine founders Frank Ledwell and Richard Tinnell will assume the roles of Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director, respectively, for The Voice.  Wayne Groom, President of United Four Wheel Drive Associations, said of the partnership, "We are excited about the opportunity of this partnership as it will allow us to continue to enhance the quality and distribution of our primary communication with the off- highway enthusiast, allowing us to reach out beyond our current membership." 

Frank Ledwell, Editor & Publisher of JPFreek Adventure Magazine, said of the partnership, "Partnering with United Four Wheel Drive Associations in creating The Voice is exciting for JPFreek and our entire staff.  Our passion for Jeep and outdoor adventure has been a huge part of JPFreek Adventure Magazine's success, and our value set of promoting responsible off-highway and outdoor adventure recreation compliments our goals in establishing The Voice as a highly credible and engaging publication."

The partnership will work to bring the entire off-highway community together by broadening the scope and importance of engaging off-highway enthusiasts to become involved in various land access issues.  In addition, added value for all business partners and sponsors of both United Four Wheel Drive Associations and JPFreek Adventure Magazine will be achieved through cross-branding efforts and other significant promotional and marketing efforts. 

This partnership is effective immediately with the new issue of The Voice slated for release by January 15, 2010. 

About JPFreek Adventure Publications, LLC

JPFreek Adventure Magazine was developed in March 2006 with the express intent of sharing a passion for Jeep vehicles and outdoor adventure with fellow enthusiasts, all while promoting eco-friendly and responsible off-highway recreation. JPFreek's staff takes pride in delivering a fun, vibrant, and engaging digital Jeep® adventure publication that is the only one of its kind in North America.

About United Four Wheel Drive Associations

United Four Wheel Drive Associations is an Association of Associations formed to act as a voice for the off-highway community for land access issues.  From avid enthusiasts who are individual members, to clubs and association members, the membership of UFWDA spans four continents with over 10,000 member voices.

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My favorite Jeep & Off-Road Magazines

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Sat, Nov 17, 2007 @ 02:10 PM

Our mailbox is stuffed each month with  JP Magazine, Petersons 4-Wheel & Off Road, 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine, etc. We've been getting them all for years. But over the past 2-3 years a few new rags have come out, and we love them!

So if you've never seen these ones, we recommend that you grab yourself a subscription. Each has their own slant and a subscription to any of them would make a great stocking stuffer. (You can subscribe at their websites.)

Low-Range Magazine - Dan and Bill Sheriden started this magazine a few years back. Based in New Hampshire, it began covering the New England off-road events, Jeeps and trails and has expanded coverage to include the whole Northeast (and beyond).  There's very in-depth coverage of different off-road events, including coverage of the people involved in the events. Flip through the magazine and you may come upon in-depth coverage of a wheelin' friend's rig. The photography is great and they now print this bi-monthly on super high quality glossy paper. It's a keeper.   

JRATIONS Magazine - This is a Jeep-only bi-monthly that combines a kick-a** print magazine with a feature-rich website too.  I think this publication is perfect for a new Jeeper. The tone is "accessible" and friendly. It also covers topics applicable to off-roading in general. Again, GREAT photos.

CRAWL Magazine - If you are a hardcore wheeler, and you haven't seen this magazine, put the mouse down right now and head out to your local newstand to pick up a copy. This magazine features the hardcore carnage your momma worried about when you went out on your first off-road adventures. Only problem may be that you'll want to skip work tomorrow to try these tricks for yourself!

JP FREEK Magazine - Hey, this one is FREE and an online magazine. Visit the site and download & print the magazine. It's awesome. This one's for the off-road "adventurer" and features articles on all sorts of outdoorsy escapades you can have. Rumor has it that it may become a print publication next year. We hope so. But sure hope that they keep up the free download also.

If we've missed your favorite off-road magazine, we'd love to hear from you. There's a lot of good Association publications. Which ones do you read?


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