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Jeep Poetry Contest on Twitter Today

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Thu, Apr 09, 2009 @ 11:58 PM

Today we ran a Jeep Poetry Contest on Twitter. (Follow us on Twitter at We are allthingsjeep.) Twitter gives you 140 characters - just a sentence or two for each message you post. So Jeep fans had to be creative. Here's the posted entries:

Jeepsterette: I love my Jeep, it's so cheap to keep! It knows me well, so don't you ever tell me it's a heap cuz I LOVE MY JEEP! beep beep!

poetrysue: There are some Peeps Who are into Jeeps But also I find and It boggles the mind The Number of Tweeps Who are into Jeeps

joshpfeffer: I'm @ school; Cold out 2day. Wanna get out, not 2run or 2play. Not any sports, that'd be a dud. Out N a Jeep. Dirty N mud!

lorrie116:  My Jeep haiku: "new spring Jeep untried .. nature and off roads compel .. impetuous pair!"

jeepsrcool:  Jeeps r white Jeeps r blue wish we all had Rubicons & no roads or rules

ColMatt:  Easter time, Peeps time, Always Jeep four wheel time. I'll be Jeepin' and eatin' Peeps, While doin' the Jeep wave at Jeeps.

featherplucker:  2000 wrangler renegade! So beautiful! What shall I call her!

And then we had an entry from my friend, Ben, over at (yum yum). He didn't play by the rules (I hear he's known for that) but I'm including his entry here because he obviously took an hour or two off from his job to write this masterpiece and his boss will think he's a slacker unless I post it here to show that he was doing something productive with his time. (Hi Pam).

Ben's Jeep poem:

Jeeps, Jeeps, everywhere,

Driven here and driven there.

On the road or on a trail,

Jeeps can carry any sized tail.

Lifted, lowered, tinted, tuned,

Moderate or aggressive from old to new.

From Willys start and sight with no end,

You'll always see Jeep features in Motor Trend.

So forget the MK, the XK, and the KK,

Bring back the CJ, the XJ, and even the MJ.

On May 9th, it's the only way

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So, I'm evaluated all poems based on nothing but my opinion, and they are all great. But the one I think was the most clever, the one that captures the essence of Jeepdom is Josh's poem.

Congrats Josh. You win a $25 Gift Certificate to Email me at jean @ for the gift code.

AND, I also loved Lori's Jeep Haiku. I completely "get" the feeling of the combo of nice weather and a Jeep calling you out of work. Calling you to come play. Taking your focus off work and instead, daydreaming of when you can get in the Jeep and take a drive. Lorrie - email me also. I want to send you some goodies too.

Thanks everyone. If you follow us (allthingsjeep) on Twitter, you'll get daily updates on products, offers, specials, etc.






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