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Special Offer for my All Things Jeep Blog Readers

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Wed, May 28, 2008 @ 10:32 AM

We started this blog a few months back and I'm really wondering who is reading it. Are you? Are you a shopper on our website too? It's fun to look at the stats .... "372 visitors to your blog today", but I don't really know if this is just Mom and Dad and all my relatives reading this (hi Mom and Dad) or if it is really some of our beloved customers from our website. No one says much of anything here, so if you shop us, let me know by saving some $ on your next order.

We've just added a few dozen items to our ATJ Outlet Store and the prices on many items are 50% off the regular price. But here's a chance to save more. 

When you check out, enter the discount code " BLOG5 " in the coupon code box and save yourself an additional $5.00 off any $50 purchase. That's another 10% off your order. Go wild.

(This offer is for blog readers and your friends, so you may pass it along. It expires June 15th and can't be combined with other offers.) Use the code and you'll be able to buy 1 more gallon of gas for your Jeep. Whee.

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