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Props for the Jeep Window Roll and Convert-A-Top

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Wed, Mar 04, 2009 @ 02:12 PM

Just got this note from customer Bill. I'll pat Cloverpatch on the back and post it here.

"Recently my wife and I attended the All-For-Fun trail ride put on by the Mile High Jeep Club in Colorado.  This is a fun event with a week of trail riding. 

The first few days were beautiful and our TJ performed flawlessly.  We have the Clover Patch Window Roll and the Convert-A-Top from All Things Jeep and they were being used.  The Convert-A-Top allowed us to keep the sun off our heads but allowed full viewing of the mountains as the sail panels are up and out of the way.  The windows were tucked away in the Window Roll. 

On the third day our group was on top of one of the mountains where everybody spotted black clouds.  The trail guide gave us time to get ready for the trip down which he wanted to do quickly.  We de-installed the Convert-A-Top and put our windows back in and within 10 minutes we were ready to go.  We noticed the majority of Jeeps had bikini or safari tops on and they were about to get soaked. 

The heavy rains came and we started back to camp.  The trail we would have taken back was washed out so we had to take the highway back, a longer drive.  We felt sorry for the kids that were soaked to the skin.  It was hard to see in open Jeeps because the rain got on the inside of the front window.  Thank you All Things Jeep and Clover Patch for products that really is amazing.  We drove back with our equipment and ourselves completely dry."

I've posted before, I think the Window Roll is a MUST HAVE for any soft top Jeep owner. Living here in New England, where the weather changes hourly, it's kept me dry and happy on many occassions. Thanks Bill, for sending in that post.

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