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I Survived Cash for Clunkers!


Two weeks ago we got an email:

"Hello ALL Things Jeep!

I am the proud owner of a 14 year old ZJ.  He is clearly eligible for
turn-in under Cash for Clunkers, and would be worth an extra $2500-$3000 to me if I turned him in. But I would never DREAM of allowing him to meet that fate!!  I know there are other Jeepers out there just like me who are keeping their Jeeps because of the emotional attachment that others "don't understand".  Can you think of a neat bumper sticker that explains that?  "I survived Cash for Clunkers" comes to mind, but it seems like it would be
cool to come up with something more Jeep specific.  Maybe, "I survived Cash for Clunkers, Obama wouldn't understand." With a Jeep grill!  You get the idea.  I hope you can figure something out and it turns into a best seller for you! - Shannon"

Shannon, we thought this was a brilliant idea. And here it is:

I survive Cash for Clunkers Decal 

I Survived Cash for Clunkers Decal. This decal is available exclusively at It's made for all those proud, dedicated Jeep owners out there that said "No Way!"

This 3" x 5" sticker will look great on the side of your Jeep, right above that rusty wheel well. Or on the rear windshield, worn with pride. In any case, Thanks Shannon, for a great idea. Your freebies are on their way.

Written & Sponsored by and its employees.


This is WAY To funny!!! My brother; who started us into Jeeping needs this bumper sticker; SERIOUSLY!!! We traded our F150 truck in but would NEVER think of trading our CJ7. My brother's car just died and it is almost beyond fixable and he was thinking of trading his Yellow CJ7 in for a new car (he does have another CJ7 being built but it is takign some time as he is doing it right/fancy). His wife went out and hugged big yeller and said her good buys as she just couldn't believe he would trade it in. We waited 3 days as I was afraid to call and here he traded it in.........HE DIDN'T!!! He said he couldn't bare to do it as he said it has just been to faithful and runs so good and he has such a blast with it so he is bandaiding his car up once again and hoping it will make it thru the winter for him and we took our jeep and his yellow one out up north for Labor Day and had a blast!!! I have to get him this sticker as it really relates to them!!! :) Thanks for the awesome Jeep Stuff; keep it coming!!!
Posted @ Thursday, September 10, 2009 2:34 PM by Budd
I work at a 
McClurg Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep Inc in Perry, NY and I have several customers who would love this idea. Obama Wouldn't Understand stickers would work also! Even my manager who doesn't understand Jeep but, does understand my addiction,laughed when I showed him this blog !
Posted @ Thursday, September 10, 2009 3:08 PM by Steve Townes
Since Jeeps last a long time. Or at least are kept running longer than other cars, most are worth more than the clunker value. It's in their breeding!">
Posted @ Monday, October 12, 2009 1:17 PM by Eric
the people i worked with tried to talk me into trading my grand Cherokee in for the cash for clunkers program but i told them i just got it and will not go into anything smaller than a grand Cherokee or without the ability of having full time four wheel drive
Posted @ Tuesday, November 17, 2009 7:20 PM by Zach
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