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No Camp Jeep in 2008

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Thu, Apr 10, 2008 @ 01:21 PM

Every year, almost 10,000 people and well over 2000 Jeeps join together at the biggest public Jeep event in the world. Camp Jeep. Only this year you can take your gas money you'll save and put it aside for next year because there is no Camp Jeep 2008. (if there were sound effects on this blog, you'd hear our collective whimpering.) Unfortunately, we've never been invited as a vendor to come to Camp Jeep, as I think we compete with their own retail store there, but even so, we are saddened to hear that news. Many of you have asked about the dates and we've never been able to confirm them, and now we know why.

So, here's a link to Jeep's Camp Jeep page so you can stay on top of the 2009 Plans.

And here's a a phone # for Camp Jeep if you want more info: 877.CAMP.JEEP.

And, one more thing. It's our All Things Jeep Wish for 2009. We want to attend Camp Jeep with our Jeep merchandise. If you like our stuff and want to help us have a chance of getting in there, here's an email address you can contact:

Thanks and now you'll have more gas money for a local vacation.

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