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In Honor of Go Topless Day

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Tue, Mar 03, 2009 @ 03:40 PM

In honor of the upcoming Go Topless Day, Guy, up in Canada sent us this photo. It was attached to the following email.

"I've been doing business with All Things Jeep for some time and appreciate the service you provide to us Jeepers.... "Its a Jeep thing...."
I own a '95 Wrangler (since '95) and have had the top and doors off for the past three or so years.  Thankfully, we, up here in Winnipeg Canada, only get about 6 or 8 months of COLD weather...
The past few weeks have brought us a cold snap with temps going as low as -52 degrees C.  Now, you may know that -40 degrees C and -40 degrees F are equal... the bottom line is C O L D!!!
So the pic attached shows me enjoying the weather, just having plowed my 250' driveway and drive circle in front of the house.  Yes, I get funny looks from the neighbors, but I smile and wave at them while the snow blow their push machines looking like walking iceicles.  and Yes, I get funny looks from gas station attendants until I explain that if topless is good enough for snowmachiners (ski-doo, etc.) then it ought to be good enough for me.  The bonus of course is my radio and three-speed heater...
In support of your GO TOPLESS campaign I attach my pic --- hope it serves."

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