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Jeep Customer of the Week - Katie M. from Concord, NH

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Tue, Feb 24, 2009 @ 10:52 PM

Time to dust off all those entries from last fall and start showing off our great customers and their rigs. Here's the first one of the season. Meet adventurous Katie M.


Customer of the Week Questions 

1. What are you currently driving? model? year? color? etc.  2003 Jeep Wrangler X Black



2. Tell us your favorite modication you have made to your current Jeep.

A tie between Bushwacker Fenders and American Racing Rims

3. When dd you get your first Jeep and why did you choose a Jeep?

My first Jeep was my first car and I chose it because I love the outdoors. Who needs to pay for camping when you can follow a trail out and pitch a tent!

4. Where's the most interesting place you've had your Jeep?

Mount Washington-The highest mountain in New England!

5. What is the most interesting thing you've DONE in your Jeep?'

On the fourth of July I got stuck in a highway traffic jam trying to get to work. One of my favorite trails runs along the highway. So I put my directional on, pulled off the highway and drove straight into the woods!

6. Ever get arrested while in the Jeep?  For what?

Nope! But I did get pulled over for doing 50 in a 30!

7. What music do you listen to while driving the Jeep?

Pink Floyd...or anything classic rock. 

(Norman, owner of All Things Jeep, is also a huge PF fan.)

8. How many Jeeps have you had in your lifetime? 

3 - 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport
     1997 Jeep Cherokee Country
     2003 Jeep Wrangler X

9. If you could win any Jeep, past or present, what Jeep would you want to win?

The first protocol Jeep made by Willys Corporation in 1940. 

10 Does your Jeep have a name? What is it?

Black Jeep- original but we need to differentiate from the other two (Red Jeep and White Jeep) 

12. Is it a boy or a girl?

The Wranglers are boys and the Cherokee is a girl.

13. Tell us about any stickers or custom work you have on your Jeep?

I have, Life is Good, Airaid, Rubicon Express and Detroit Locker stickers. My entire hardtop is custom because it feel off the Jeep and needed to be made stable again. 

14. What's the most unique thing about your Jeep?

It has a Salvage title and still drives like it just came out of the factory.

15. If you are a member of a local Jeep or off-road club, give a shout out to the club here:

I'm not but I do go on a forum:

16. If you were a Super Hero and your Jeep had extradinary powers, what would those powers be?

To turn my most traveled roads into off-road obstacle courses so driving will always be an adventure!

17. If you could chose one new gift for your next birthday, would it be:
    - a new 2009 4 door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
    - a fully restored, 1941 Jeep Willys
    - world peace
    - a million dollar gift certificate to
    (this is a loaded question, we do hope you all choose world peace)

I'd take 'em all!

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1---L -OllllllllO-
()_) ()_)-----)_)

Thanks Katie!