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Customer of the Week - 10-27-08 - Our Friend Dana V

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Mon, Oct 27, 2008 @ 08:59 PM

Congratulations Dana! You are our Customer of the Week today! Here she is, folks. A true Jeep Geek!

1. What are you currently driving? model? year? color? etc.

1997 Jeep Wrangler - Magenta
We also have 2 other Jeeps living in our driveway. My sistehas another ‘97 Wrangler, custom painted in snot green, and my mom has a ‘98 Wrangler Sport.

2. Tell us your favorite modication you have made to your current Jeep.

I'm all about being one of a kind and having a Jeep that looks like no one else's.  My favorite mod is my Islander Decals.  I fell in love with the Jeep Islander from the 80's, and tracked down a set of replacement decals on ebay to apply to my already "loud" magenta Jeep.

I also painted my gear shift, windshield wipers and antennae topper Magenta with left over touchup paint.  I'm pretty sure there are no other Magenta windshield wipers out there.

3. When did you get your first Jeep and why did you choose a Jeep?

I got my first Jeep 3 years ago, and quite frankly, the only reason I got it is because I was looking around online a Jeep for my mom (who originally got me into Jeeps) and came across this Magenta Jeep.  I knew I just had to have it.  I bought it, sight unseen, from the internet, and didn't even know how to drive a stick when it arrived!  Of course, I'd never go back now....

4. Where's the most interesting place you've had your Jeep?

The Jersey Shore.  Nothing beats going to the beach, topless, with your boogie board sticking out of the back.  I can't wait to buy a beach pass for next year, where you can drive your car right onto the beach and drive around on the sand!

5. What is the most interesting thing you've DONE in your Jeep?

Can I plead the fifth?

6. Ever get arrested while in the Jeep?  For what?

Haha.  No thank you!

7. What music do you listen to while driving the Jeep?

Everything.  I never leave home without the iPod!  Usually country music is blaring from my soundbar.  It just seems fitting in a Jeep!

8. How many Jeeps have you had in your lifetime? 

This is my first---and certainly not my last.

9. If you could win any Jeep, past or present, what Jeep would you want to win?

It's a toss up----1973 Super Jeep-original decals in the brown, cream and orange color family, or the 1960 Gala Surrey Jeep in pink and white.

10 Does your Jeep have a name? What is it?

Consuela.  Princess Consuela to be exact (I'm sure the manly man Jeep fanatics out there are groaning now.....please remind them that I'm a 25 year old FEMALE....thanks.  Haha)
12. Is it a boy or a girl?

I'm pretty sure that a Magenta Jeep can be nothing but a female.....

13. Tell us about any stickers or custom work you have on your Jeep?
Custom Islander decals, done for me by a great seller on Ebay.

I also bought magenta glitter and painted my windshield wipers with it. (There goes that groan from those manly men I referred to before...)
14. What's the most unique thing about your Jeep?
That she's mine.  I would have to say the color definitely sets her apart from the rest.

Also, I'm pretty sure she's the only Jeep who has an identical felt counterpart (

15. If you are a member of a local Jeep or off-road club, give a shout out to the club here:
There's nothing in our area!  Lets get it going Jersey people!

16. If you were a Super Hero and your Jeep had extradinary powers, what would those powers be?
To self-reproduce the parts she needs to keep running.  Every weekend something new breaks---I should own stock in Quadratec I buy so much from them!  I could save so much money if Consuela could just know what was broken and spit out the new piece so I could fix it for her.

17. If you could chose one new gift for your next birthday, would it be:
    - a new 2009 4 door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
    - a fully restored, 1941 Jeep Willys
    - world peace
    - a million dollar gift certificate to
    (this is a loaded question, we do hope you all choose world peace)

Hmmmm......definitely a toss up.  World peace or million dollars to All Things Jeep?  World Peace or All Things Jeep?

I'm going with the World Peace.  Maybe because I discovered the secret to World Peace, someone would award me a million dollar gift certificate to All Things Jeep (hey-and I'm sure they'd throw in the Willys too..).  Sounds win-win to me!

18. What are your 3 favorite products available for sale at
1. Tropical Jeep Woman's Tee (

I swear, you guys sold that just for me.  I bought it the day it came out!

2. Life is Good Off Road Hat (

This one is simple-Jeep + Life is Good = No brainer.  You need a cool hat to wear when you go topless!

3. Can I choose the Gift Certificate as my third item?  I can't narrow it down to just three---and with the Gift Certificate the possibilities are endless....