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Decoding Your Jeep's VIN Number

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Fri, Sep 26, 2008 @ 09:47 PM

I'm writing this from home tonight and awaiting the first presidential debate on TV. Kids are watching some new show on the Disney channel and I'm hanging out on-line. And someone who replied to an earlier blog posting linked back to a site I hadn't seen before. On it, I found an explanation for what Jeep TJs' VIN numbers mean. Like bar codes, I've always understood the purpose of VIN numbers (a unique code to identify your vehicle) but never really had a clue as to what all those numbers and letters mean. So this was fun to read.

And then I got curious as to what I could find out about all the other vehicles in our driveway. Here's a short primer on the basics: Understanding Vehicle VIN Numbers and the most comprehensive listing of Jeep VIN numbers for various models that I could find: Decoding Jeep VIN Numbers

Nothing more current came up but I guess if you have a newer Jeep, chances are you already know most of this info.

OK, time to go and listen to McKane and Obama tell some stories. Bye.