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The History of Military Jeeps

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Fri, Feb 29, 2008 @ 10:40 AM

A few weeks back we got a call from a gentleman who had written a book called Jeeps at War. Like so many Jeep enthusiasts, his love of Jeeps runs in the family. First his son caught the bug, then his grandson. And now he has 3 generations of Jeepers in his mist. So Mr. Fletcher and his family wrote a book. Bob is a veteran of WWII, where the Jeep legacy all began. And this is where his story starts.

With an eye towards detail, the illustrations in this hardcover book are extraordinary. And the history of the Jeep, from the very beginning through its use in the war is rich with detail. This book is aimed at the family market as it's written from a kid's point of view. But anyone interested in Jeeps and their history helping us in wartime will love this book.

Check out some inside pages of Jeeps at War here.