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Nifty New Jeep Children's Book

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Thu, Jan 24, 2008 @ 01:44 PM

We love running across unique new products inspired by the great Jeep vehicle. This one came across our desks right before Christmas and we finally had a chance to introduce it on our website.

"Follow Me to the Beach" is a paperback book for young Jeep kids that love those Clifford the big red dog and Little Critter type books. Except this one is about 2 JEEPS! They're buds and they have some adventures down at the beach the day they sneak out of the garage.

We love 2 things about this book. First, the illustrations are phenomenal. If your toddler is just learning words, point to the pictures and teach them the words "winch", "Hi-Lift Jack", "wrench", "mudding" and more. Their off-road vocabulary will flourish!

Second, this book was written by two Jeep Moms who couldn't find any other books out there for their Jeep kids. So they wrote one. I just love that idea.

This book is self-published and printed "on demand", which means they didn't do a 100,000 piece print run and the cost isn't cheap. But hey, it's a book about Jeeps for your 1-5 year old, and you don't run across many of those.

Buy Follow Me to the Beach here.

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