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Should we bail them out?


So, what do you think? Should our government bail out the automobile manufacturers. Or should we let them deal with the consequences of bad behavior?

I teach my kids about actions and consequences. But that's small potatoes. If they don't get their laundry done, the consequence is that they can't watch the Spongebob Christmas Special. It doesn't affect anyone else and no one loses their job. But if we let the manufacturers deal with the consequences, it impacts so many more people. Thousands lose their jobs, some many businesses are at risk. But those big three automotive manufacturers have now asked for $34 billion in government loans before the House Financial Services Committee. $34 BILLION DOLLARS! Astronomical numbers I can't even get my mind around. It's simply disgraceful that it has come to this and my gut says no, don't give them the money, make 'em go to bed without watching Spongebob, but my head says yes, give them the money. I don't want to see the after effects on the people of the country. Then again, my head says no and my gut says yes. It's a tough one. What do you think?

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I realize that I am a Canadian commenting on a US question you've asked...but Canada is now dealing with the same dilemma on our side of the border with bailout requests from the "BIG 3". My opinion is that I believe Public Tax(PUBLIC THAT'S YOU AND ME) Money should never have to bail out PRIVATE companies. Who's going to help all the self-employed small businesses that have gone belly up due to this economic melt down? Will the Government help us Jean, as small business owners should our companies go to the way side? Why should all the people that don't live beyond their means pay for the mistakes/greed of those that do? (so that they can keep their treasures?? - what about all the people that are losing their homes??) This is affecting ALL people. And really, Who decides who gets a bailout and who doesn't? Our Forestry sector (pulp & paper etc.) has been going through substantial layoffs over the last 5 years...who's helping them? Miners...who's helping them? The list goes on...Is it fair for us, "we the people" to bail out companies that pay their guys at the top, millions and millions of dollars...I realize the need for jobs. It's the kind of jobs that are coming into question - we need to find different types of employment. We live in a consumer society. Everything from your underwear to food to shelter hangs in a fine balance with consumerism. When we stop consuming, it all falls down and that goes world wide (exports & imports). Reduce the cost of the amount people are being paid (I mean from the fat cats at the top, down). Share the wealth, reduce wages, dump expense pkgs., bonuses (sometimes larger than their pay) reduce, reduce, reduce - no reason the President of GM needs a $28 million dollar Jet at his beck and call 24-7/365...Does one NEED to live in a million(s) dollar home? Make million(s) a year? As far as all the people working in the plants/factories...I feel for them and their families - they are working middle class like me. But by the Grace of God, there go you and I... 
I don't know what the answer is Jean, but I am so upset at myself, my friends, my neighbours...all of us as a society...we left greed in charge of the store - what did we think was going to happen? I have always said that alot of people make far too much money and too many people have too little...all this, and there are still people starving in the world...34 billion? That would save a lot of lives...just my opinion from the cheap seats...
Posted @ Saturday, December 06, 2008 12:43 PM by Lisa Weber
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