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Maryland Rock Raiders Off-Road Club is on FIRE!


Heh heh. Got an email recently from Tico, the founder and president of the Maryland Rock Raiders. They have a very cool event planned for Sept 27-28th. It's their 3rd Annual Off-Road Fundraiser to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Here's all the details: www.//

Sounds like a good time. But when I went to their website and took a look my attention was mostly taken up by the cool little utitlity they have running below the event details that makes your picture look like it's on fire. Kind devilish looking and since we all feel a little daring and devilish when we wheel, how do I get MY picture up there?

Check it out!

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That's nice to know, the fact that other enjoyed what I did back in the day. I am sorry that the club has moved on and separated. Now the club is ran by it selves and wants to be known as the rock raiders, the other half just have their own forum and are called something else. Life as it once was is no longer. I have moved on to the Association level and am seeking other clubs to join and revive this association. Inclusive is the fact of having hosting the American Diabetes Fundraiser again. If you have a club, no matter how small, or large and want to protect our free environment and right to ride the National and State parks, then all the more reason to be part of us. With u you are part of the whole rather than the few. A larger voice reaches more the one to one. 
Join us, 
Posted @ Sunday, June 20, 2010 1:34 PM by ticocarreras
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