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There's nothing like it


Thank God, the 100% humidity has left us for a few days, the sun is shining and the temp is about 80 degrees. The top is off my Jeep and truly, there is nothing else like it - driving around in the Jeep with the sun shining, the wind in your hair and the tunes playing. I used every excuse I could today to take a ride. First, I took my daughter to an eye doctor appointment and back. Then I went to the supermarket for milk. Then I headed out to get a haircut. Then we decided to go out for dinner for Mexican. And finally, we went out to pick up a friend and bring her over here. And honestly, while we have some hardcore off-roaders here at the office, I will admit that mine is daily driver, hasn't seen anything off-road more than a dirt path and a cow pasture, and it's STILL fun.

Yes, the gas prices are awful. But the pleasure I get from driving this Jeep makes it worthwhile. At last for now. Are you still having fun in your Jeep or have the gas prices put a dent in the fun?

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