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What happens in my garage stays in my garage


Ok, I'll admit, I am one of those wives that tend to roll my eyes when my husband says he's heading to the garage for a few minutes. Because I KNOW that's "guy speak" for "I'll see in you a few hours, don't bother me." And frankly, I don't want to bother him and I don't want to know what's going on in there. I need to know where the compressor hose is so I can fill up bicycle tires for the kids. And I occassionally need to go in there for a screwdriver or a wrench to fix something in the house. But otherwise, I'm okay with it being his domicile.

I know that women who wrench their own Jeep are rolling their eyes at me now, and hopefully they won't think less of me or my business because I don't work on my Jeep. It's not that I can't do this, it's just that I like to do other things. I love doing art - photography, pottery, collage. And modifying your Jeep is another art form, creating a functional work of art. So I appreciate it. I just don't do it.

But back to the garage thing. We've got this awesome new garage sign in stock today. It's heavy-duty, like a street sign, and weighs a ton (actually just 4 lbs.) And it says, " What happens in my garage stays in my garage ". I know exactly who I'm buying it for!

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