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Worldwide Go Topless Day on May 3rd, 2008 was an international success. View our customer photo album, filled with topless Jeeps here.


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Best Places to Go Topless in your Jeep


Just about 1 week until International Go Topless Day on May 3rd. We now have over 5000 Jeepers signed up to participate in local Go Topless events around the world, and the list is growing.

All this talk of taking the Jeep topless leads me to wonder where the best places to drive topless are. Since there are Jeep owners to take their rig off-road and others who just enjoy it as a daily driver, I thought we could compile a list of 100+ Best Topless Jeep Drives out there in the country. So whether you are on the trail or on the road, we can suggest some drives for you.

Here's my first 2 suggestions for the list.

1. Take the backroads through neighboring towns to Kimball Farms in Westford, MA for giant ice cream cones, a ride in bumper boats and a round of mini-golf. The backroads of the surrounding towns are traditional New England.

2. My absolute favorite drive on a warm day (especially in the fall) is the Kancamagus Highway in NH. The Kancamagus Highway is one of the most scenic routes in New Hampshire. It's a 28 mile road through the heart of the White Mountains that climbs to nearly 3000 ft. The highway stretches from Conway, New Hampshire to North Woodstock. It is designated a National Forest Scenic Byway, and is one of only two such roads in Northern New England. It runs along the river almost the entire time and there's plenty of places to pull over and picnic or have a swim. Definitely on the top of my list.

So tell me the places on your list.

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I was going to say the Kanc highway... you beat me to it! It really is a great 30+ mile trip that the whole family can enjoy!
Don't forget you can go on many hikes off the Kanc also if you enjoy backpacking also.
best wishes to all,
B LaVoie
Rochester, NH
- topless day May 3rd!
Posted @ Friday, April 25, 2008 3:35 PM by brian lavoie
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