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Disneyworld Versus the Rubicon Trail


Well, this blog has been sparse this past week because I've been on vacation and as the primary poster, that means I am supposed to be relaxing, having fun, and not thinking about work too much.

I am relaxing, having fun, and thinking about work WAY too much.

At the moment, I'm in Disney World with some family. It is a blast. A whole bunch of man-made attractions that offer thrills, chills and excitement (along with some very long lines and very expensive bottles of water.) But it got me thinking. At the end of August we are going out to the Rubicon Trail. As sponsors of Jeep Jamboree USA this year, we are going to hit the trail with them at a few locations. And living here in Massachusetts, we've never had the opportunity to crawl the Rubicon before. This is an attraction of another sort, offering thrills, chills and excitement. Mostly Mother Nature made. And it may just be more fun than the current vacation I'm on.

When I think of the two vacations, they couldn't be more different in terms of the environment and activity. Yet, they both offer a similar type of adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment at the end ("I survived Disney" and "I survived the Rubicon Trail") I wonder which will leave me more exhausted?!  If you've done the Rubicon, post and share any pointers you may have. Thanks.

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As I take folks over Black Bear Pass in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado I often have my customers ( I Give Tours) tell me that this is like an E ticket at Disney Land. I tell them that the biggest difference is that this is reality and we could actually get killed if I am not careful!
See Ya in the Hills, Clay
Posted @ Monday, April 21, 2008 10:17 PM by 4x4, Offroad, Adventures in Colorado
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