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Off-Roading Dogs


I couldn't resist. Pooch Cafe is my favorite comic.

Poncho is the best. I don't know about all the correct copyright verbiage and if I have the right to post this but here it is.

The comic strip is by Paul Gilligan and like Wikipedia says, "Its main character is Poncho, a kibble-hoarding, cat-hating, toilet drinking enthusiastic but naive dog." Basically it's the the best comic strip to read since Calvin and Hobbes left the paper.

 Speaking of Calvin, don't you think Tim looks a bit like Calvin in the second photo here, wearing our new Camp Jeep sweatshirt? 

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I went out with the local Rock Crawlers last fall and went up a local trail called "Die trying", this one guy had a Jack Russel terrior with him as his offroad companion. I was riding with this fellow who had a typical, tall Jeep Crawler, we pulled up and this little dog ran over to greet us, I leaned over the side of the Jeep to say hi and the next thing I knew he flew up into my lap, I was impressed. He had a great time Rock Crawling and was everyones friend.
I would like to hear about other folks 4x4ing hounds.
Posted @ Saturday, April 12, 2008 11:01 AM by 4x4 offroad adventures in colorado
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