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Worldwide Go Topless Day on May 3rd, 2008 was an international success. View our customer photo album, filled with topless Jeeps here.


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Wow. This Go Topless Day is taking on a life of its own. (You crazy Jeepers!) But I suppose we expected no less and I gotta tell you, we are so excited about this. At the moment what is happening is that Jeep clubs all over the world are emailing us telling us about their Go Topless Day events. In New Zealand, a club is doing a topless trail run. In PA there's a Go Topless Day picnic. Our friend Mike, in Hawaii is organizing an event with his club (we are all jealous and would love to be topless in Hawaii!).

 If your club wants to do some kinda event, please let me know. We'll send along some goodies. I think we may have created a day where there are more topless Jeeps in the world than any other day in history. Who has any connections with the Guinness Book of World Records?



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