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Keeping your Jeep Cargo Area Clean


We recently discovered a product line that we rate two big thumbs up. It's the Jeep SUV cargo liners from Canvasback.

Like the duck its named after, water and dirt just rolls right off the Canvasback cargo liners. That's what the company told us, anyways, and sure enough, after our test drive. we agree. Nothing sticks to these liners. We have one in the back of our Cherokee. So far we'd put a muddy dog back there, and soaking wet sledding equipment and we look forward to putting flats of flowers back there this spring to test "ground in dirt". And so far, so good. Just shake it out or hose it off and it looks like new again.

The thing I like most about these liners is that they cover the cargo area and also go all the way up the back of the rear seats of the Jeep. This means no more dog hair all over the back of the seat (hard to vacuum that spot). 

I've got one complaint though. These are Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Liberty and Commander cargo liners only. Nothing yet available for Wranglers. But we are talking with the company and they have one in the works for the JKs and will work backwards from there. Once those are available, we'll be keeping the JK cleaner too!


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