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Nifty New Jeep Children's Book


We love running across unique new products inspired by the great Jeep vehicle. This one came across our desks right before Christmas and we finally had a chance to introduce it on our website.

"Follow Me to the Beach" is a paperback book for young Jeep kids that love those Clifford the big red dog and Little Critter type books. Except this one is about 2 JEEPS! They're buds and they have some adventures down at the beach the day they sneak out of the garage.

We love 2 things about this book. First, the illustrations are phenomenal. If your toddler is just learning words, point to the pictures and teach them the words "winch", "Hi-Lift Jack", "wrench", "mudding" and more. Their off-road vocabulary will flourish!

Second, this book was written by two Jeep Moms who couldn't find any other books out there for their Jeep kids. So they wrote one. I just love that idea.

This book is self-published and printed "on demand", which means they didn't do a 100,000 piece print run and the cost isn't cheap. But hey, it's a book about Jeeps for your 1-5 year old, and you don't run across many of those.

Buy Follow Me to the Beach here.

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