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Wrangler JKs and the Jeep Wave

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Tue, Nov 13, 2007 @ 12:14 AM

I need to confess something. I've co-owned a Jeep - oriented company for over 4 years now, and just this year I finally traded in my Minivan and got a new 4 door Jeep as my daily driver. (We have the Scrambler for the trails and the Cherokee to plow with, and assorted other Jeeps also, but the daily driver was the minivan.) So it was great when Chrysler released a "practical" Jeep for the family. But then I noticed something funny. Jeep discrimination. From other Jeepers!

Let's face it, as fun as the Wrangler is, it just hasn't been practical as the "Family Car". When Daimler Chrysler introduced the 4 door Wrangler Unlimited JK, they opened up the Jeep market to a new customer - namely someone like me. Carpooling kids to their activities during the week was never easy in a two door Jeep. And now the 4-door makes it feasible. Kids, Dogs, Stuff and still room for groceries. 

But to my surprise, many other Jeepers who were happy to wavy to a lifted, modified Scrambler won't wave when I drive the JK. What's with the discrimination? Don't I "count" as a real Jeeper driving a Wrangler Unlimited? Do I have to earn my wave? 

So I want to know, why not wave? What do I have to do to earn the wave? Seriously, I want to know!

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