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Jeep Forum is taking over the Jeep World!

Posted by Jean Wnuk on Sun, Apr 27, 2008 @ 02:03 PM

Back when we were just into Jeeps, we came across this forum called We asked some questions, fellow Jeepers gave us some answers. We asked more questions, we were teased but our questions were still answered. And as more Jeep people found that forum, the forum grew. Today, they have over 140,000 members asking and answering questions, making fun of each other, sharing Jeep talk, hanging out online. Sheesh, some of the people seem to live on that site. Whenever I visit, they are online. (Guess it's a Jeep thing.)

Next, this same guy started up the JeepWiki for everything you need to know about Jeeps. I look here first when I get a question I can't answer.)

They also now have a product reviews section, a links page and a chat page.

(Now at this point I'm starting to think that the only sites I now need online are google, amazon and jeepforum - they have everything I need. Oh, and also, of course.)

In any case, just got an email from Keith, the owner of the site. He's put together JeepSpace, a place for guess who? People like us. It's like Jeep Heaven, his sites. So now we can spend more time posting Jeep photos, blogging about Jeeps, chatting with fellow Jeep owners, and doing all that other "social networking" type stuff online. Check it out. But my recommendation is this. Only visit after you've done your chores and homework for the day, 'cuz it's addicting.

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