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Worldwide Go Topless Day on May 3rd, 2008 was an international success. View our customer photo album, filled with topless Jeeps here.


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Boobies and Jeepies


Every year around this time, I do a little search engine research. I go to and type in "Go Topless Day" to see how many people are writing about our event (happening today, May 9th, 2009) And I'm pleased to see that a lot are. So thank you. But this morning when I did this I clicked on PHOTOS to see what photos popped up in Google search for that phrase.

And I am surprisingly pleased that among all those naked boobies, are assorted references to our JEEP-focused Go Topless Day. In fact, given the history of the other "go topless" phrase, and the focus of it, I am thrilled to even make the Google cut! So while I know we'll never REALLY compete with boobs, we are in amongst them and as you all know...that feels good.  Cheers to Topless Day. Whether your top was on or off today, we hope you had a good time!

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Jean, thanks for the laugh, my Roamin' Wrangler friends, all sent me a text with pictures this morning and I hate to admit there were not a lot of Jeeps photos included ! We have cloudy skies here in Western NY but plan on going "Topless" anyway it gives us practice in (RTI) Rapid Top Installation! Have a Great Day !
Posted @ Saturday, May 09, 2009 10:18 AM by Steve Townes
There were boobies there. :)Myself and some other boobs built the terrain course for the day. What a freakin' blast.  
The Oak Ridge Farms owners and staff were extremely helpful and run a beautiful store. The catering by Sean Patrick's was outstanding. The local clubs like JonFund, WesternMass4x4, Freedom Trail Riders, Baystate Jeepers, NEJEEP, Ocean State Jeepers and Cape Cod Jeep Club lent us support with volunteers and equipment, including two 20 degree RTI Ramps and a 30 degree ramp! Organizations like The Great American Jeep Rally and the Northeast Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs ( ) were on hand with information regarding the preservation of our hobbies, like Jeeping, and supporting local charities with fun events. 
Bob came up for product demonstrations of his Clover Patch Convert-a-Top line seen here: . Bob drove his SUPER clean TJ on 35s up from Kentucky to be at Go Topless headquarters. Friday night he was there with some of us building the course, showing us photo albums while we took a little break.  
Myself, well, I am a wheeling Jeeper. Completely hooked. I've been doing it a long time, trail guiding, exploring and getting over pieces of trail despite the laws of physics.  
I hung in on CB channel 5 with Ryan from Freedom Trail Riders in the Go Topless Day Staff shirt green CJ7 with a tire burning V8. Ryan is a seasoned trail guide and was an obvious choice to be a trail leader. Neal and Jeremy from WM4x4 in their TJs staked a half mile of trail Friday night. Both guys are true Jeepers and wanted to come help for the event day, too. These guys can wheel. When I met them Friday night I knew we had enough trail guides for the course. My close friends Pam, Mike, Dave, Art, Jim, Jon, Shannon and myself from JonFund handled sign in, RTI Ramps, trail guiding and tail gunning the approximately 3/4 mile terrain course, too.  
The rocks were too jagged for most people's taste, but we had some brave weekend warriors for the short rock challenge. Next year, we'll work on rounder rocks in there, too. 
The smiling, photo flashes and cheering as different Jeeps got over the obstacles, and for the Ford that failed, was proof enough that people were having a really good time. I think I led or followed on the course for a hundred laps, and each one was unique. 
Stump Hill, Loom Mountain, Snapper Pond, The Great Wall of China... We had some cool stuff to drive on and a lot of fun doing it safely. Some breakage, but I think most everyone was able to get help and repaired and leave under their own power. 
Who won the raffles?
Posted @ Sunday, May 10, 2009 6:53 PM by Mike @ ATJ
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