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It's a Jeep thing, they didn't understand


I'm sitting in the Chicago airport waiting to get home to Massachusetts. I've been away for a week. First at a 2-day Users Conference from the makers of the software we use to pack and ship your orders. Next, I was at Internet Retailer Conference for 3 days. That show is amazing. Here I am sitting in workshops next to the guys that run the websites for FTD Flowers, Lands End, Oriental Trading Company, Cabelas, etc. Boy, do I feel small. But everyone I spoke with was slightly in awe of the fact that a company could survive selling nothing but Jeep items. They all eyed me suspiciously and kept asking, "don't you sell anything else?". "Nope, I would reply, "just jeep stuff." And they would shake their heads in amazement. Obviously, they don't get it! There were plenty of other little guys too - one dude that sells just Mustang stuff, one guy that only sells light bulbs, and another one selling just Defibrillators. There's some cool stuff out there.

I sure learned a lot this past week. And I hope to implement some of the stuff I picked up on our website over the next few months. So hopefully you'll see a "tune-up" soon. Meanwhile, here I set, on the floor, back up against the wall, working away on my notebook PC and patiently waiting for the plane to show up.

Happy Father's Day to the Dads out there!   Jean

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