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Jeep Duffel & Travel Bags - Go Somewhere!


With gas prices the way they are, we aren't going far this summer. We'll be looking for fun things to do in our own backyard. But we'll still be going to the gym and the kids will be going to sleep-overs and we'll still be toting around duffel bags filled with crap, oops, I mean stuff. That's why when the Jeep Luggage, Backpacks & Duffel Bagsmanufacturer came to us with a deal, we couldn't resist. Everyone uses a duffel bag of sorts for some actitivy or another. They are closing out the current line of designs so some new stuff could be moved into the warehouse. We've had some of these designs for a while but the prices has never been this good (and you won't find these prices anywhere else.) So while it lasts, we're having a ONE DOLLAR PER ONE INCH SALE on Jeep Duffel Bags!

ALL 22" Jeep Duffel Bags - Just $22.00 (Regularly $39.99)

ALL 26" Jeep Duffel Bags - Just $26 (Regularly $44.99)

ALL 28" Duffel Bags - Just $28 (Regularly $48.99)

(Pictured are the 22" Jeep Duffel Bags).

We also have 28" length Rolling Jeep Duffel Bags with Wheels and a retractable handle. The prices are terrific - just $59.99 and jam-packed with features.

Pack them up and go somewhere!Written & Sponsored by and its employees.


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