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A Jeep Seat Cover Love Affair


It is not often that I fall in love with a product but I will confess... I'm in love with our new Jeep Wrangler neoprene seat covers vendor . Their name is Seatglovers and they are like us. By that I mean they are a small, family run company, they've been in business for about 5 years and they care about their customers (and us, yeah!). They make a quality product. Their prices are great. And they ship incredibly fast. 99% of what we order from them ships out the same day we order it.

We looked for over a year to find a new neoprene seat cover vendor. Our last vendor made great products but took over a month to ship. So we went searching. This is what we found:

Fantastic quality products at high prices.

Poorly made products at bargain prices.

And not much in the middle until we found these guys. Now, not everyone will love neoprene replacement seat covers. They can be a little warm in the summer heat. But they hold up really well, can be thrown into your washing machine to clean them, and they really upgrade the look of your Jeep. In fact, I think that putting a new set of seat covers on your Jeep is probably the most basic thing you can do to upgrade the look of your Jeep and maintain the longevity of the interior of the Jeep.

So, I got myself a set of solid black neoprene covers for my 07 Unlimited Jeep and will be putting them on this weekend. I'll post a photo after I do. For now, here's a quick shot of a red/black set for the 4 door. Sweeet.


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