About Us

Hi. Let's see... about us. Okay, here's some stuff.

Norman is the brains behind this business and the owner of All Things Jeep. He's owned at least 10 Jeeps over the last 20 years and wishes he had more free time to collect more. Norman works on our overall strategy, and sets the direction of the company. As many successful interent companies, Norman started this one "in his basement." (Let's see... Jeeps he's owned.... JK Unlimited, '83 Scrambler, Jeep Commanche Pickup, Jeepster, 2 XJs, 2 Grand Cherokees, 2 FC-150s, a few Wranglers and probably more hidden away in someone else's garage so Jean doesn't know about them)

Jean is the other owner of the company and she does the marketing for the site, manages our wholesale program and works with our vendors. She's STILL proud of the fact that Glamour Magazine once called our "Jeep Girls Like it Topless & Dirty" T-shirt a "Fashion Don't" (Sales skyrocketed but as an unlicensed product, we no longer carry the shirt. Sorry.) Currently drives the Rescue Green '07 JK Unlimited seen around town with the "Where's YOUR Playground?" tire cover.

We hired Mike to give representation to Cherokee XJs in the office. He's gone through two of them already since we started here. Mike is a member of the local club JonFund and is very involved in keeping the local trails open to off-roading. He's also a drummer and has played in many metal bands.

Sue came on board this past holiday season to help us out. She came in for an interview one morning and she basically hasn't left yet! We hired her on the spot. There can never be too much snow for Sue. She loves to snowmobile and freeze out there in the cold. (The rest of us prefer the warm weather when we can take the tops off the Jeep!)

Sierra is our All Things Jeep mascot (and cute black lab pup). She pretty much controls us. If she needs to go out, we listen and take her out. If she wants to play ball, we obey and throw the ball. And if she's hungry and begs with her big old sad looking eyes, we give her biscuits. Like we said, she has us under her spell. She hangs with us in the office most days.