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Worldwide Go Topless Day on May 3rd, 2008 was an international success. View our customer photo album, filled with topless Jeeps here.


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I wanna go to their Topless Jeep Day


Got this email this AM.

"Just wanted to update you on the progress of our Go Topless Day plans.  We've spread the word to our brother and sister clubs throughout Florida. We've made up flyer's and have begun a placing them on Jeep windshields. We have started pre registration, (to get an idea on how many to expect) and at present we have over 50 rigs registered for our Coastal Cruise on Go Topless Day.  Our plan is to cruise up the Florida east coast on Hwy A1A to a  beach area for playing in the sand and having a picnic. One of our members is a Deputy Sheriff and has made arrangements to have motorcycle escorts block the intersections in order to keep our convoy together! We're hoping to have t-shirts designed for the event as well.  Our Club is really excited about GTD and are looking forward to making this an annual event!   Also I was wondering if you will be able to send stickers and swag for us to hand out at the event?
(of course we will - Jean)
We'll be sure to send you updates  on our progress as well as photos and a report after the event.
Thanks for allowing us to be a part of Go Topless Day!

Perry Bonds, Founder
Pirates Of Moor Jeep & 4x4 Club of Central Florida


You are welcome Perry! Of course we will send you Go Topless Day goodies, and hopefully we can help spread the word for you too.

We are happy to post other club activities going on for May 9th, right here. Send them along! jean @

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Jeep Clubs Going Topless on May 9th 2009


What do these Jeep Clubs have in common?

They are all going Topless on May 9th, 2009!

Wanna join us in the largest topless Jeep Event in the world? Check out all the details on

All Things Jeep Go Topless Day Celebration

and shoot us an email telling us YOU'LL be going topless on May 9th, 2009. We'll send the club some topless swag and list you on our site. We are also awarding prizes for the best photo entries. email

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I lost a bet on Go Topless Day


I just paid up on a bet I lost. I bet Tim (a co-worker) that there wouldn't be any trailered rigs at our Go Topless Day. He said there would be. I guess I figured that for our first show, it would be more of the stock Jeeps (like what I drive) and less of the trail rigs. And that no one would go the extra mile to tow a trail rig. Boy, was I wrong. I should have remembered, we are Jeepers! And despite the fact that I lost $5.00, I am just very pleased that we got the turnout we did and that some Jeep folks were up for it enough to bring their tow rig and trailer and Jeep. Thanks guys!

We counted up our "admit one" ticket stubs and it looks like we had 93 Jeeps stop in to Lancaster, MA on May 3rd. (Including 3 Jeeps that came in on trailers!) Go have an extra snack at the lunch truck on me, Tim!

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Jeep Clubs Around the World Participating in Go Topless Day


It's getting bigger and bigger, this Go Topless Day on May 3rd.

So far, these are the Jeep clubs around the world that are joining in the festivities.


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More Go Topless Day News


Wow. This Go Topless Day is taking on a life of its own. (You crazy Jeepers!) But I suppose we expected no less and I gotta tell you, we are so excited about this. At the moment what is happening is that Jeep clubs all over the world are emailing us telling us about their Go Topless Day events. In New Zealand, a club is doing a topless trail run. In PA there's a Go Topless Day picnic. Our friend Mike, in Hawaii is organizing an event with his club (we are all jealous and would love to be topless in Hawaii!).

 If your club wants to do some kinda event, please let me know. We'll send along some goodies. I think we may have created a day where there are more topless Jeeps in the world than any other day in history. Who has any connections with the Guinness Book of World Records?



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Hellloooo people out there. Guess what. Longer hours for our local Go Topless Meet & Greet. We can now be there in Lancaster from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. So if you are driving from Maine or Connecticut or Nebraska, you can stay the whole day!

Also, guess what? Dogs can't come into the farmstand building. But as long as you keep my friends on leashes and clean up after us (thank you and tell me, who really IS the master), we can come along. Oh boy, oh boy... a Jeep ride. Can't hardly wait.

Also, guess what. Every time we go to this farm stand in the summer, I get my very own bowl of vanilla ice cream. My tail is wagging already.




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